Harbingers of good fortune - Horoscopes and Lucky Numbers

If there is one thing that every individual would love to be able to control, it would be the effects of chance and/or luck on their lives. The belief that somehow we can influence luck positively (or negatively) is a powerful driving force in our lives.

Many people believe that our luck is predicted daily in the motion of the stars, planets and moons through horoscopes, or through the movements of a black cat, or whether you walk under a ladder, and so on.

How powerful are these beliefs? Well that depends on the individual, but for some, the belief that lucky numbers, horoscopes or other fortune-related events in their lives are so critical, that it can influence not just how they behave, but how they think.

One part of society where luck and chance play a key role is in the casino industry. Of course, many of the most popular games and slots at popular online casinos are based entirely on chance. Games such as roulette, slot games, craps and similar all have a strong element of fortune entwined within them and indeed, it is this very fact that makes them so appealing.

The thought of good fortune smiling on a player and endowing them with a huge win, is what keeps so many people spinning the reels, rolling the dice or setting the ball in motion.

So of course, people want to try and influence luck to run their way and there are many different ways this manifests itself in someone who enjoys casino gaming or other similar chance-based games.

  • Horoscopes - Although it has its basis in the flimsiest of scientific pretexts, there are millions of people who scan their daily horoscopes to find out whether fortune will smile on them in the day ahead. So much so that some people will only play at casinos on days when they believe it is written in the stars that they will have a good win.
  • Lucky Numbers - This is arguably the most obvious form of belief that luck will play a part in a casino game or similar achieving success. In games where the player has to pick a number or several numbers (such as Roulette or Keno in a casino, or games such as Lottery games) then often players will have their "Lucky" numbers which they select time and time again. One step on from that is that players will also have "unlucky" numbers too, the most common example of which is the number 13, which is long believed to be a sign of bad fortune.
  • "Lucky" Personal Effects - Another belief that many casino gamers have that they believe brings them luck is in certain personal effects or other items, even down to the clothing that they wear. People will wear "lucky earrings" to go to play bingo, wear their "lucky bracelet" to play the slots or even wear "lucky underpants" to play in a poker tournament.
  • Rituals or Behaviours - How many times have you heard stories about sports people who have to get dressed in a certain way. There is a famous story about a top goalkeeper at a Premier League side who would only let his team out of the dressing room to go onto the pitch after he had switched off the lights by hitting it with a ball kicked from his hands. In one match, the team were nearly late out onto the pitch because the superstitious goalkeeper hadn't managed to switch off the lights. Not all behaviours or rituals are as extreme, in Craps for example, some people believe they get lucky by kissing the dice or having a lady roll the dice for them.
  • Types of Bets - There are certain players who play certain games like Roulette, who believe that certain bets are "luckier" for them than others. This belief affects how they play the game as rather than consider all available bets, they tend to stick with the bet that they believe offers them a higher percentage chance of success, above what the standard odds of the bet suggest.

It is something of a moot point to ask the question here about whether these behaviours, items or beliefs do promote good luck. How you view that does depend somewhat on your world view. Certainly there is no empirical evidence to suggest that wearing a certain pair of underpants will mean you are luckier on the slots. It may just be coincidence that you remember you wore that piece of clothing or those earrings on a day you did win and have attributed your good fortune that day to this "lucky" item.

Scientifically of course, there is no evidence that any of these beliefs bring luck in any way shape or form, but, and this is the absolutely salient point, that does not matter.

What matters is that the individual believes that this item will bring them luck and because of that belief they will likely have a more positive attitude towards whatever it is they are doing, such as gambling in a casino, or playing in a sports event, or even simply having a game of bingo.

How deeply do people's beliefs in the ability to influence luck or even predict the future run? Well not so long ago, the most powerful man in the world, Ronald Reagan, the President of the United States would regularly consult with an astrologer to get a personal reading before deciding what to do that day. Indeed, almost everyone has tried something at one time or another to try and improve their luck, even if it is simply fervently wishing or praying it will change.

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