How do the different Mega Moolah starter bonuses work?

No doubt the eagle-eyed amongst you will have noted the fact that when it comes to casinos offering bonuses to players, if you are a fan of the Mega Moolah slot then we tend to recommend our casinos offering special Mega Moolah player bonuses.

These casinos are on our Where to Play page and the reason we recommend these casinos is, firstly we can vouch for them as being 100% legitimate, safe and fair for users to play. Secondly and perhaps more importantly for Mega Moolah fans, each offers a fabulous starter bonus, which is one of the few which offers great value spins on the Mega Moolah slot, for a very small deposit.

Now although each casino has its own deposit offer, which we shall summarise below, they tend to operate in a very similar way and in this article, we are going to explore exactly how these offers work, how you (as a new customer) can use them and what they actually mean in terms of being able to win the Mega Moolah jackpot.

So, let's begin by having a quick recap of the three different Mega Moolah starter bonus offers at each of the three casinos that are most widely available from the UK:

The casinos available from outside the UK:

  • Jackpot City Casino - Deposit $10 or €10 for 120 Chances to win Mega Moolah.
  • Cosmo Casino (Germany) - Deposit €10 for 150 Chances to win Mega Moolah.
  • Jackpot City Casino (New Zealand) - Deposit NZ$20 for 200 Chances to win Mega Moolah.

Let's now answer some of the key questions about these offers that people frequently ask about them.

  1. How can I deposit 1 or even 5 to get spins on Mega Moolah?

That is very true, if you deposit just 1 and want to play Mega Moolah, then the minimum bet level of 0.25 for the slot means that you would get just four spins on the game. You'd get 20 spins for 5 deposit and 40 spins for 10 deposit, all at the minimum bet level.

The reason you get the extra spins is because the casino will forward you some bonus cash into your bonus cash account when you make the qualifying deposit. This bonus cash will allow you to play through the stated number of spins on Mega Moolah.

For example, if you deposit 1 at Zodiac Casino, you will have 1 in your cash account and then receive 20 into your bonus cash account. At Captain Cooks Casino, it is 5 in your cash account after your deposit and then 25 in bonus cash... and so on.

The "spins" referred to in the advert for the offer is the equivalent Mega Moolah spins at 0.25 per spin you can get for your bonus cash amount not including your cash deposit.

Some people call them free spins as a result, but personally I feel as you need to make a deposit to earn the bonus, they are not technically free. Which is why we prefer to call them chances to win.

  1. So, if I deposit say 5 at Captain Cook's Casino, I'd receive 25 in bonus cash, if I spend my 5 deposit on 20 Mega Moolah spins too, does that mean I would get 120 spins in total?

That is correct yes. If you decide to spend your deposited cash and your bonus cash playing Mega Moolah solely, then you would actually have more spins than the offer stated.

At Zodiac Casino, you would deposit 1 and get a total of 80 spins plus 4 spins on your initial deposit. At Captain Cook's it is a deposit of 5 for 120 spins and at Grand Mondial, you would actually get 190 spins in total with your 10 deposit, if you spent all your own cash and bonus cash on Mega Moolah.

  1. What happens if I land a big win while playing through my cash deposit or my bonus?

If you land a win when playing through your cash deposit or your bonus, then this money will be added to your balance and you will be able to play it on the slot if you would like to.

What balance your cash is added to depends on what cash you were using when you landed the win. If you were using your deposited cash, then the win will go into your cash balance. If you were using your bonus cash, then your win will go into your bonus cash balance.

The difference is that your bonus cash balance cannot be withdrawn until the withdrawal requirements for the bonus are met. Cash in your standard cash account can be withdrawn, but if you do so before a bonus is completed, then you may forfeit any funds you hold in your bonus account.

For example, you could not deposit 10 at Grand Mondial Casino, earn the bonus and then withdraw the 10 in your balance. However, if you then play through your withdrawal requirement or your bonus expires, then any funds in your cash account can be withdrawn.

  1. Can the jackpots really be won by players accessing the bonus?

Yes, that is absolutely the case. All your bonus cash spins on the Mega Moolah count on the game in the same way that a standard cash spin does. So that means if you are lucky enough to win a big cash prize playing the game, including the massive Mega Moolah jackpot, then you will receive that prize.

There are documented cases of people fortunate enough to win a big jackpot prize using a starter bonus, or just after joining a casino. Check out the Winners page for more details.

Furthermore, if you win the jackpot prize, Microgaming have stipulated that the massive Mega Moolah progressive will be paid out in full, in one payment, to the lucky winner in the currency that they played the game in. You won't have to accept a smaller amount or not receive your cash if you use an offer, you will receive the full amount once your win has been confirmed by the casino.

  1. Are these starter offers for Mega Moolah available where I live?

While the offers at Zodiac, Captain Cook's and Grand Mondial Casinos are widely available, they may not be available in all countries around the globe. You can check what offers are available where you live from the Country page on which allows you to see exactly what offers are available in your part of the world.

One other thing to note, occasionally other casinos may offer similar offers to the ones outlined above to certain customers living in certain countries. Once again, the same page will bring you details of these offers if and when they are available.

  1. Do I need to make the exact deposit stated, or can I make a larger deposit?

You can if you wish make a larger deposit at your chosen casino, but be aware that all of the offers outlined above come with a second bonus which is payable to you when you make your second deposit at the casino. As such, it may be more prudent and better for you financially to make the minimum deposit initially and then make the larger deposit on your second deposit, which should then qualify you for a better value second deposit bonus.

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