How does the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program work?

If you are a loyal member of a casino and continue to spend and play at that casino over an extended period of time, is it not fair to expect that your loyalty to that casino should be rewarded?

Of course it is, and that is why the Casino Rewards member casinos have all opted in to the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program.

There was a time when things were very different and casinos loyalty programs were either non-existent or offered such limited benefits to relatively few customers, that they were effectively worthless to the typical slots player.

What was needed was a radical re-think of how loyalty schemes worked and in the year 2000, the Casino Rewards network decided to do something about it with the release of their Casino Rewards Loyalty Program.

Almost twenty years since the release of this loyalty scheme, the testament to its success is that it is still running today and still rewarding many loyal members of the scheme, which now number in their millions, with a raft of different bonuses, promotions, opportunities and other rewards over the course of a typical year.

And it is worth noting that when it comes to Mega Moolah, the Casino Rewards group of casinos have produced more big jackpot winners than any other comparable group.

So what does this loyalty program offer customers and why is it so popular? Let's learn a little more about how the scheme is structured and how players can access and improve their status when participating in it.

The Casino Rewards Loyalty Program

The first thing to note with this loyalty scheme is that as soon as you are a member of a Casino Rewards casino, you will automatically be enrolled in this scheme. There is no cost to participate and you will start at the basic level in the program.

The basic premise of the scheme is that there are six levels in the program. As you play at one (or more) of the casinos in the Casino Rewards selection of casinos, you will earn points. How many points you earn will determine which status you are on the loyalty scheme. The higher the status you can attain, then the greater the value and number of bonuses and other promotions that are open for you to access.

Your play at a casino is reviewed monthly to see which status on the loyalty program you have achieved, and you can move up and down the loyalty scheme depending on the size of your spend over a period of time.

The currency of the Loyalty Program are points, which you earn by playing games at any of the member casinos in Casino Rewards. These points accrue over time and it is this which influences the status you reach on the program.

The Six levels of the Casino Rewards Loyalty Program are:

  • Green - The basic level of membership which is awarded to every new customer at a Casino Rewards casino. This is a basic level of membership which still offers some benefits to customers.
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Details of your current level within the scheme are emailed to you in a weekly newsletter or you can log into your account and you can check in the Casino Lobby which level you have attained.

Obviously, the more you play at casinos, the more status points you will earn and the more chance you have of moving up the levels of the Loyalty Program. Once you reach a new status level, you are guaranteed to stay at that level for the rest of the current month, plus the month following, regardless of how much you spend at the casino during that time.

However, you will then need to at least maintain your spending levels to stay at the same level in subsequent months. If you spend more, you could be moved up a level again, or spend less and you could drop down a level or two.

The role of VIP Points

In addition to maintaining your status within the scheme, points are vital to you as they are also a way in which you can earn yourself extra bonuses. This comes in the form of VIP Points. You can earn VIP Points alongside your standard points for playing games at the casinos or taking part in specialist promotions. Unlike Status points, the VIP Points never expire and can be accrued continually over your membership of the site.

However, once you have earned enough VIP Points, you can trade them in for a one key benefit, namely casino credits, which you can then use to play games at your choice of casinos. The more VIP Points you have to trade in, the more casino credits you will receive and of course, you then have this extra bonus cash to play with at the casino without having to deposit any of your own money.

What are some of the benefits you can get from the Casino Rewards Network?

You may think that casino credits are a great way to reward players for their play at casinos part of the Casino Rewards Network but in actual fact, this is just one of many different ways that players can earn bonuses, or participate in exclusive promotions as part of the scheme.

Other benefits include the following (the availability of these may depend on which status level you have attained within the Loyalty Scheme)

  • Exclusive Casino Rewards promotions and offers.
  • Bigger bonuses for Casino Rewards Scheme members.
  • Prioritised customer support.
  • Access to exclusive games for VIP Players only.
  • Personal hosts (for VIP players only).
  • Entry into the Time of Your Life Sweepstakes.
  • Gifts on your birthday.
  • Invites to top sporting events, functions or similar for top VIP players.
  • Entry into up to five Casino Rewards Lucky Jackpot Draws, with three draws each day offering players 15 chances in each to win cash prizes amounting to thousands.

Which Casinos are part of the Casino Rewards network?

You can enjoy the benefits of the Casino Rewards Network at any of the following casinos (click the links to read our reviews):

When you choose the casino to sign up with, you will automatically be enrolled into the Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme! It's really as easy as that!

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