How much is the 19 million Mega Moolah jackpot worth in BTC?

It seems amazing to think that it was just back in September 2018 that we were celebrating the fact that one lucky player had landed an €18.9 million win on the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot, the largest win in the game's history. Yet here we are a few months later and the jackpot has now crept past that mark to hit the dizzy heights, for the first time ever, of 19 million.

What this means is that should the next winner of the jackpot land their prize using the British Pound as their chosen currency, then they will smash the World Record amount for the largest online progressive jackpot prize ever won on a slot game.

However, you now no longer have to play the Mega Moolah slot using traditional currencies only. Thanks to the development of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin (BTC) and the subsequent creation of a bitcoin-friendly Mega Moolah casino, you now have the option to play Microgaming's premier progressive jackpot slot using bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

A bitcoin (or BTC for short) is a virtual currency which can be purchased with real cash and used online for a variety of different means. It is a more secure method of paying for items than using an item such as a credit card, e-wallet or even a bank transfer, as bitcoin transactions between individuals are generally anonymous, so hackers cannot get at any sensitive data contained therein.

After a slow start, bitcoin really began to take hold online a few years ago and it saw its price rise very quickly throughout 2016 and 2017 in particular, the halcyon period for bitcoin coming at the end of 2017, when a single bitcoin was worth over $14,000 but since then the price has crashed down again dropping throughout 2018 and into 2019 to $3,563 today.

As such, while bitcoin remains a popular currency to use online for all kinds of different purchases, including online casino gaming, it is also notable that it is now being accepted, in some parts of the world, for traditional shop purchases. This is particularly the case in Japan, where certain stores will allow you to make purchases of a wide range of items using bitcoin at specially designed tills.

Of course, a currency that can be pretty much valueless one year, then worth over $14,000 a coin the next, then worth just a fraction of that a short time later, is clearly very volatile and this volatility has been an issue for many who invested in bitcoin at the wrong time and have seen the real-terms value of that investment fall.

However, for those interested in using bitcoin primarily for their casino gaming, tend to find these issues are not really relevant as they tend to spend their bitcoin playing their choice of slot games and other casino entertainments, rather than keeping hold of it to see the value of their investment hopefully increase.

How can I buy bitcoin?

The first thing you need to do to purchase bitcoin to play Mega Moolah is to acquire a bitcoin wallet. This is an account which you can use to purchase bitcoin and in which your bitcoin will be stored. Many wallets are stored online in much the same way your emails are stored online, but some people are downloading their wallets onto pen drives and similar to carry with them for extra security.

Once you have a bitcoin wallet you can then purchase bitcoin to add to it. This can be done online at bitcoin exchanges but there is also increasing availability for people wanting to use bitcoin ATM's. The first of these machines in Europe was unveiled in Helsinki back in 2013 and their numbers around the globe have generally been steadily increasing, so much so that today there are an estimated 4,200 bitcoin ATM's available worldwide.

Adoption of this easily available way to purchase bitcoin; the ATM's work in a similar way to a standard paying in machine, you buy bitcoin by allowing the machine to scan your wallet QR code and then feed cash into the machine. Once you tap the screen stop, the transaction is then completed and the bitcoins are then delivered to your wallet within seconds.

If you need a Bitcoin Wallet service check out

While these Bitcoin ATM services have taken off in most countries without a hitch, in some others it has been a problem. Red tape has foiled all bar two attempts to establish bitcoin ATM's in Germany at the time of writing, as otherwise there would likely be hundreds of the machines across the country, but still, there are an estimated 1,000 bitcoin ATM's around the rest of Europe, and many in neighbouring countries to Germany.

Can I use an ewallet service, such as Skrill or Neteller with bitcoin?

If you already have a bitcoin wallet, then you can access the bitcoin contained within it using your ewallet service Neteller or Skrill. Simply select the Bitcoin Deposit option and then select how much bitcoin you want to deposit into your chosen e-wallet service.

You will need to enter your email address and then either click the blue Open wallet button or scan the generated QR code with your mobile phone or tablet, in order to complete the transaction. You can then use your bitcoin balance in your e-wallet account to pay for items.

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Which casino accepts bitcoin and offers Mega Moolah for me to play?

Now we know that bitcoin is a viable option for customers wanting to play Mega Moolah in BTC, we now need to know the best place to play the game and for that, you should head on over to the Mega Moolah bitcoin casino. You'll find it in the Where to Play Mega Moolah page.

The casino is a specialist bitcoin casino, it only offers its games to players that deposit using the cryptocurrency and of course, it has teamed up with Microgaming to offer its customers a wide range of top slots and games from the company, including its top ranking progressive jackpot games Mega Moolah and Major Millions.

All you need to do is register with the bitcoin casino as you would any other online casino and then make your bitcoin deposit. As a new customer, you will be eligible for a great value 100% Matched Deposit bonus on your first deposit of between 0.001 and 1 BTC. Furthermore, on your second deposit, you will also receive a 50% Matched Deposit bonus too.

Once you have the funds in your account, you can then load up the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot and get the reels spinning using Bitcoin only!

How much is 19 million in Bitcoin?

Before we can tell you how much 19 million is worth in bitcoin, we need to first ascertain what currency a potential 19 million prize can be won in. On Mega Moolah, you can win the big jackpot prize in a number of different currencies including NZ, Canadian and US Dollars, the Euro and the British Pound.

Due to the differing exchange rates, which change from day to day, the relative value of each of these currencies changes, just as the value of bitcoin changes and as a result a 19 million prize won in US Dollars is worth a different amount compared to the Euro or the British Pound.

Outlined below is how much the 19 million record jackpot would be worth today, in bitcoin, if won in some of the most popularly played currencies on Mega Moolah.

  • £19 Million - 6,993 BTC
  • €19 Million - 6,088.53 BTC
  • US$19 Million - 5,360.34 BTC
  • CA$19 Million - 4,013 BTC
  • NZ$$19 Million - 3,642.41 BTC

Since bitcoin is quite volatile your BTC jackpot could quickly turn you into a billionaire!

Whatever currency you claim your prize in, be it bitcoin or standard currency, there are 19 million reasons and more why you should have Mega Moolah top of your play list today. Get started here.

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