Is Mega Moolah a legitimate jackpot slot game?

As someone who has been immersed in the culture of Mega Moolah for many years, one of the most common questions I find myself answering from people who are less experienced with the game, or who may not have played but are curious to do so, is whether Mega Moolah is legit.

When people ask me this, I always respond in the same way and ask them what they mean by 'legit' and of course that means a game that delivers on what it promises, which is the chance to win a mega-sized progressive jackpot prize. But that's not all as there are a number of other prizes available in the base game, during Free Spins and of course the jackpot game itself where the big money is won.

In all those regards, Mega Moolah has a big green tick next to its name as that is precisely what the game offers.

However, you don't need to just take my word for it. There are a number of ways that with a little investigation, you can prove to yourself that Mega Moolah is the game that it promises to be and that it offers you a safe and fair gaming experience where you stand as much chance of winning the top prize as any of the other players spinning the reels on it at any given time.

So, with that in mind, we are going to answer some of the common queries people have when asking "Is Mega Moolah legit?" and within that, we will explain exactly why it is completely, indubitably 100% fully legitimate, safe and fair to all players.

Has Mega Moolah been tested to ensure it offers what it says it does?

Absolutely. Mega Moolah, as with all Microgaming slots and games, has been extensively tested by eCOGRA, one of the licensing bodies that ensures slot games offer a 'fair and safe' game to players. What do they mean by that? Well 'fair' means that the slot offers players what it says it should and that the payouts are in line with what the slot says.

In terms of 'safe' eCOGRA also test to ensure that the casino and game offer players a secure environment in which to play, ensuring that your details are kept secure and as safe as possible away from hackers and similar.

eCOGRA is the first testing laboratory that specialises in online gambling to have been awarded ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 accreditation.

Like all Microgaming software, Mega Moolah has passed these tests with flying colours and earned certification from eCOGRA, which means that what Mega Moolah promises you when you play, is the game you will experience when you click on the spin button.

Why is it so hard to trigger the Jackpot Bonus game, let alone win the Mega Jackpot?

Think about it. If you were going to allow people to play a game you had designed for just 0.25 per spin and offer a guaranteed cash prize of at least 1,000,000.00, as well as many other prizes ranging in size from a few pence up to hundreds of thousands, then how would you want your game to pay out?

Would you like the 1,000,000.00 prize to be won so often that you go bankrupt within a few days, or would you design the game so that it can be won only sporadically?

Common sense dictates that this has to be the way to play as Microgaming could not afford to offer Mega Moolah if players won the massive jackpot very often. It is for this reason that triggering the Jackpot Bonus can take a great many spins sometimes and that when you trigger it, you are still not guaranteed that Mega progressive win.

On the other hand, triggering the bonus game is entirely random, so you could actually land the game on your very first spin on the slot. As with all aspects of the Mega Moolah jackpot game, a huge amount of good fortune is required if you are to win the big prize.

But it is precisely because of that, which allows Microgaming to offer these life-changing top prizes on the Mega Moolah slot, which is what makes it so appealing to players.

Why when I play Mega Moolah, if the RTP is 88.12%, if I wager £100 I don't get back £88.12?

One of the most common misunderstandings around Mega Moolah is the RTP value of the slot. This return to player percentage is the theoretical (and that is the key word) amount that the slot would return to all players over its lifetime of billions and billions of spins.

What it does not mean, is that if you were to wager £100 on the slot, then you could expect to receive back £88 each time you do. And of course, there is a very sensible and good reason why this is the case.

That's because sometimes, players win bigger value prizes and indeed, it is these big wins that make the slot so appealing (especially those Mega Jackpot triggers). The fact that Mega Moolah can offer wins ranging from just a handful of coins up to 75,000 coins in the base game alone, 225,000 coins in Free Spins and then wins of between a few pounds to millions and millions of pounds in the Jackpot Bonus Game, means that there is going to be a huge variation in the payouts that players receive when playing the game.

This therefore means that while the RTP may average out at around 88-89% of the funds take on the slot being paid out to players, individual players may actually receive significantly less than that, some lucky other players can receive significantly more. It is all down to how lucky you are when you set the reels in motion.

This is a common misconception about RTP on slots in general, they are not a guide to how much you can expect to make back on your spending on a slot, but simply a theoretical amount as to how much the slot will pay out to all players over its lifetime. Once you understand that, then RTP makes a lot more sense and you feel slightly silly for raising the question in the first place!

We have a bit more on this topic on the Mega Moolah FAQs page.

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