Is Mega Moolah Mobile any different from the desktop version?

Mega Moolah burst onto the scene with its first ever multi-million dollar win back in 2008. That jackpot was won on Microgaming's casino software. The winner from Finland had received an installation CD from the casino and promptly installed it to play Mega Moolah. He went on to win a cool US$5.5 million!

The original release of Mega Moolah therefore came via a desktop and in the early days the only way to play it was via a downloadable version of the casino. This software is still available today as Microgaming have meticulously maintained and updated the Windows-only software.

The lack of Mac software wasn't a big issue since in the mid-90s there weren't many Mac users to begin with. Despite Mac growing in popularity over the past decade, Microgaming still haven't developed a Mac download for Mega Moolah. Why is that? It's because of the advancements in HTML5 technology allowing for the building of more diverse and powerful web sites and applications, which run direct from the browser. There's simply no longer a need for casino software.

Let's not forget Flash... it was actually around prior to HTML5 and Flash web site technology allowed for gaming via the browser providing the user had the Flash plug-in installed and up-to-date on their computers. There was a Flash version of Mega Moolah for a few years too. The problem with Flash is that it's a closed, proprietary system, and it was popular with hackers. In fact Steve Jobs declared that Flash would not be allowed anywhere near Apple's mobile products. Thankfully Flash is being phased out by 2020.

HTML5 technology has been around a couple years now and all new casino games are developed using HTML5. This is simply because HTML5 is an open web platform allowing for application development of rich interactive experiences for any device. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, on your mobile, desktop/laptop can deal with HTML5 games easily, and what I mean by that is video, sound, 3D graphics, APIs etc, will run without having to download and install things like Flash or Java browser add-ons or extensions or plug-ins. Internet Explorer also supports the technology but it does not support all the functions of HTML5. Thankfully the once market-leader, Internet Explorer (aka Internet Exploder), is also being phased out.

So, Mega Moolah went from a Windows-only software to Flash, and finally to the current HTML5 platform in 2012 making is accessible from any browser on any computer, or mobile device.

Digital Darwinism sure offers some great benefits for us tech users!

Let's look at some of the problems companies faced porting games onto mobile

During this time, companies were discovering that some of their older games, written in older code, were problematic to try and port over to mobile devices. As such, some of the games ported over in these early days of gaming were slightly altered to their desktop version. Some games would see features dropped, or features changed to fit on mobile and this of course altered the fundamentals of the game, a fact which some slot fans found hard to accept.

Of course, with a game as iconic as Mega Moolah, that was something that was never going to be a viable option, so Microgaming took their time to ensure that they could release a mobile version of the game that matched the desktop version down to the minute detail.

Microgaming should be credited for ensuring that Mega Moolah mobile was as smooth a transition from desktop as they come. Not only that, but on its HTML5 release in 2012, it proved to be a smash hit success, with the very first mobile jackpot winner, landing that massive Mega progressive prize, coming just a few months after the HTML5 version of Mega Moolah being released.

Since then, the mobile version of the slot has grown in popularity still further and given that there have been 27 winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot playing from a mobile since 2011, it is by far and away the most successful of the three ways to play the game in the game's history. In contrast, there have been 10 winners playing via browser on instant play and 14 via downloaded client software and both those options have been available since the beginning.

The truth of the matter is that although many of us have grown up playing Mega Moolah from a desktop PC, the default version of the game nowadays for the majority of players, likely for reasons of convenience, is mobile and the fact that nothing has been sacrificed from the original game in the mobile version makes Mega Moolah just as popular on these devices as it is on desktop or laptop PCs.

So is there really no difference between Mega Moolah mobile and other versions of the game?

If you mean differences in terms of game-play, how the game links in with the progressive jackpot, the fact that your chances of winning Mega Moolah on mobile are the same as on a desktop device and the fact that the prizes and prices you pay to play the game are all the same, then yes, Mega Moolah mobile is exactly the same.

However, there could be some minor cosmetic changes to how the game looks on a mobile device compared to how it looks on a desktop machine. For example, if you click on the information section on the slot, this information may be displayed in a slightly different manner on a mobile (chiefly due to the smaller size of the screen) than it would be displayed on a desktop.

These minor cosmetic changes are tiny however and the truth is that if you are a regular player of Mega Moolah on desktop and decide to give mobile a try, then you are not likely to find any difference in playing on mobile.

Why are so many people playing Mega Moolah on mobile?

This is a good question and I think the correct answer here is that it is simply a more convenient to play Mega Moolah on a mobile device than it is playing on a laptop or desktop. In addition, a mobile can be used almost anywhere so this facilitates players playing the slot more often too, perhaps on the way to and from work, in lunch breaks and similar. Besides this many people don't buy computers these days. If they want a device for entertainment they will more likely choose a smartphone and/or a tablet.

With mobiles being used for so many different aspects of our lives nowadays, it is unsurprising that our leisure time is also being spent on these machines and that includes playing for the Mega Moolah jackpot!

Try Mega Moolah mobile! All you need is to register a single account (click/tap the green Play Now button top right of screen), or visit the Where to Play page.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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