Is Mega Moolah safe to play?

It is unsurprising that people are a little wary about their personal details and especially their financial details, being secured online. The number of times in recent years we have heard about a major security breach at some of the world's biggest companies, even those that proclaim to have outstanding levels of security, has seen internet safety given an increasingly high priority by all reputable sites across the world.

Then there is the issue that comes with scams and fraudsters. Now most people will be aware of some of the more obvious frauds, such as the Nigerian email scams asking for money, the phishing emails vying for your login details, and the lottery win emails, which work similar to the Nigerian scams, and the online greeting card scams that will load malicious software onto the systems of the unsuspecting.

Scams such as this and many others have undoubtedly made people more wary about what they read and see online and this has led to a somewhat unusual side-effect where people will see something that is completely legitimate, safe and available online, but then dismiss it as being a fake or simply a way for a company to get their hands on your personal data.

I am of the belief that is healthier to be overly skeptical about items you read about online than to be less so. However, sometimes people can go a little too far and view perfectly safe, enjoyable and fun past times as something that is not safe.

Which brings us nicely onto the Mega Moolah slot and whether this is a safe game to play, whether it is a legitimate game and whether it is actually real, or just some elaborate online scam.

And the good news for you is that is a safe website (Check the Safe Browsing Site Status of on Google) and secondly Mega Moolah is:

  • 100% Real,
  • 100% Safe, and
  • 100% Legit.

And here's why:

Is Mega Moolah real?

Fortunately, the number of people who believe that Mega Moolah is not a real slot game, is a tiny percentage of those that play online and the reason for that dwindling number is the masses amount of evidence, clear and incontrovertible, that proves Mega Moolah is a real, fair and exciting online slot game where you could win a massive progressive jackpot prize.

It's easy to see why some people are sceptical, after all, I don't know anywhere else I could wager 0.25 and then end up landing a prize of 20 million just a few seconds later. For some people, that sounds just too good to be true.

However, just scan the list of Microgaming casinos available and you'll see the Mega Moolah game exists. The website also offers you instant access to play the game, as well as all the details you need to learn about it. Furthermore it even lists all the big money winners that have landed the top jackpot prize when playing the slot.

Now of course, it is easy to fake a site if it is the only site that does this, but all the stories on can be corroborated around the world on other sites and even within mainstream news outlets - see our Press page for more.

There is even video evidence of winners being interviewed after their win and explaining what they are going to do with their winnings.

So it is abundantly clear that Mega Moolah, just like all their other slots, is a very real game and it does deliver on its promises. You can indeed win a massive multi-million jackpot prize for a spin of just 0.25.

Is Mega Moolah safe?

The question of whether Mega Moolah is safe is a more complicated one and it is best approached in two separate ways, in terms of the game itself and its host casino, and then the methods you use to access the game, your hardware and software.

First up is the easy part and that is to make clear that the Mega Moolah slot and any of the casinos which bring you Microgaming products have all been tested by eCOGRA to ensure that they offer customers a fair and safe game. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that Mega Moolah pays out as the statistics on the game suggest it should and that your details are held in the most secure way possible by the casino where you play the game.

Microgaming casinos use the industry leading SSL encryption to ensure your personal and financial details are secure, that is the same level of security as the top banks and financial institutions use online.

So, what this means is that if you play Mega Moolah at a reputable casino, you are operating within a very safe, fair environment and you will get the best possible Mega Moolah experience.

However Internet security extends beyond the software you use to play online and it is very good practice to ensure your device is free from malware, viruses and other nasties that could see your data harvested if you are not careful. Something like is a good option offering anti-virus and internet security.

Never use a third-party app to log in to Mega Moolah, these are not required and you run the risk of your data being compromised and harvested and sold on. Always have a virus-checker installed on your machine and run it regularly.

Do this as a matter of routine and playing Mega Moolah is as safe as any online activity.

Is Mega Moolah legit?

Finally, we come to the question of legitimacy and I believe that we have already answered this aspect when looking at whether the game is real. We know it is real and we know that it has awarded the prizes to people as these have been individually corroborated by several reliable sources including the Guinness World Records.

Some people feel that anonymous winners are somewhat suspect but that is the decision of the player and it has to be respected. While some winners are happy to go public with their win, others may not for a variety of reasons and a person's security and anonymity should be protected regardless of whether they have won a large prize on Mega Moolah or not.

So yes, Mega Moolah is legit and not only that, if you follow the advice above, it is safe, fair and without question, an entirely real way you could win a massive amount of money for a relatively small wager.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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