Major Millions jackpot winner spent New Year's Eve 1.6 million richer

Is there any better way to spend welcoming in the New Year than being surrounded by your family and friends? Well how about ringing in the New Year surrounded by all your loved ones' safe in the knowledge that in 2018, your life is going to change immeasurably for the better due to the fact you have just pocketed the second-largest Major Millions jackpot win of 2017?

Well for one lucky casino customer, that is precisely what happened on the 28th December 2017, when their spin on the Major Millions slot, the £3 a spin progressive jackpot game, saw them land an incredible jackpot win of £1,623,433 and twenty pence!

This was the second largest jackpot win on Microgaming's Major Millions slot this year, with one lucky player winning €1,932,469 back on May 14th 2017.

Let's now take a look back at what was a great year for Major Millions slot gamers in 2017.

An incredible year for Major Millions progressive jackpot wins

When it comes to the big progressive wins on the Major Millions slot, 2017 proved to be an incredible year for jackpot winners. In total, the jackpot was triggered 21 times over the course of the year. In February this year, the Major Millions progressive jackpot was won twice in the space of 24-hours, with one lucky player winning €541,786 on the 21st of February, followed by another player landing a €513,163 win on the 22nd February.

The most popular month for wins however wasn't February but July, with four jackpot wins on the 10th, 16th, 20th and 28th of the month. Indeed, in July alone, the Major Millions slot paid out well over €3.6 million in prize money.

In contrast, there were no Major Millions progressive jackpots won in two months in 2017; June and August.

Over the course of 2017, seven of the 21 progressive jackpots claimed on Major Millions were worth over €1 million. That is a massive increase from both 2016 and 2015 when the total number of €1 million+ jackpot wins in each year was one apiece.

Only five of the 21 wins in 2017 were below the €500,000 mark.

In total across the 21 progressive jackpot wins in 2017, Major Millions paid out (in Euros) €16,632,481 to lucky jackpot winners, which is an average win of €792,022. This compares very favourably with the average win on the game over the full course of time which is currently €579,990.

2017 was also the second year in a row where the progressive jackpot on the Major Millions slot was triggered more than 20 times during the course of the year. In 2016, the jackpot was won a total of 22 times, but the average value of these jackpots was considerably smaller (16 out of the 22 jackpots were valued below the €500,000 mark).

In sharp contrast to both 2017 and 2016, the jackpot was triggered just eight times in total in 2015 and only three of those wins were in excess of €500,000 in value.

All these statistics provide clear evidence that a growing number of people are playing Major Millions each month. That's because the jackpots are not just being won more often, but they are also being won for more money on average each time too

What is Major Millions and Where can I play it?

Major Millions is a progressive jackpot slot game developed by Microgaming, or rather it is actually two different progressive jackpot slots, one a 3-reel game, one a 5-reel game which share the same theme and general design and also share the same progressive jackpot fund.

As you will have likely guessed from the title of the slot, the theme of the game is the military and on each of the slots, there are a total of 15 pay lines. Coin values are fixed at 0.20 per spin and you can select as many of the pay lines as you want to have in play on each spin. However, and this is the crucial factor, in order to win the progressive jackpot prize, you need to have all 15 lines in play on a spin.

This means that to win the progressive jackpot then you will need to wager 3.00 per spin, which is indeed what the vast majority of players do when playing the slot. This is the case regardless of whether you are playing the three or five-reel version of the game.

That is because the only way you can trigger the Progressive Jackpot win on the Major Millions slot is to land the Major Millions Wild symbol on the 15th pay line of the game. On any of the other 14 lines, this combination would land you an 8,000-coin prize, however on the 15th line, that turns into the progressive jackpot win.

The great news for players that want to try this game is that you can play Major Millions in the 3-reel and 5-reel format at any of the top casinos that are part of the rewards network. Once you have signed up with one of these casinos, Major Millions, plus a host of other top progressive slots from Microgaming, including the Mega Moolah progressive, are available for you to enjoy.

What does 2018 hold for Major Millions customers?

With the jackpot on the Major Millions progressive slot being triggered 43 times in the past two years, with ever-increasing value jackpots, it seems that progressive jackpot slots are undergoing a boom period in the slots industry. That is an exciting prospect for slots fans as not only can they play this exciting comical military-themed slot, but with the Mega Moolah jackpot also offering up its multi-million prize a record 12-times in the past year, it seems like massive progressive prizes will continue on!

Of course, you have to be spinning to be winning, and with an ever-growing number of players playing these games, we can foresee even larger value jackpot amounts and a greater number of jackpot winners continuing into 2018 and beyond.

Who knows, could that next big winner on Major Millions be you? Try it now at the Mega Moolah casinos.

Note that there are some jurisdictional restrictions. Click here to check if you can play Major Millions or Mega Moolah.

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