Mega Moolah Jackpot won for just over £3 million!

Someone is waking up this morning, probably after a night of not much sleeping and plenty of excitement as yesterday on June 17th 2019 one lucky player managed to secure the latest Mega Moolah progressive jackpot win!

Of course, information on the lucky winner is still very sketchy at this time and we don't even have confirmation yet as to which casino the lucky winner was playing at, or indeed any details of the winner (which we may not receive if they elect to remain anonymous following the win), but what we do know is the following.

The player won the smallest, in numerical terms, prize of the year 2019 so far with a win of £3,033,563.60 while playing the original Mega Moolah slot. As such, we think that this is the second player in a row to have landed the top prize playing from the U.K, although it is possible that they were playing in another country, but just using British Pounds as their choice of currency to play the game.

British players hit the big time!

If we assume that all the British Pound winners in Mega Moolah's long history have been based in the UK (and those that we can confirm certainly were), then this latest jackpot is the seventh to have been won by a British player.

In terms of the size of the win compared to other British winners, it places fifth in the list:

British Mega Moolah winners (in size of jackpot order)

  1. Jonathan Heywood's win - £13,213,838.68
  2. John Orchard's win - £5,883,044.00
  3. Anonymous win - £5,543,986.99
  4. Anonymous win - £3,744,513.08
  5. Today's big winner - £3,033,563.60
  6. Anonymous win - £1,778,226.80
  7. Anonymous Win - £1,448,116.31

This latest winner means that in total, £34,645,289.46 has been paid out to British Pound winners since the Mega Moolah progressive slot began and it has now overtaken the amount paid to players winning in US Dollars to lie in third place in the list of currency payouts.

Note that we are only talking about the Mega Jackpot wins here. There's the Major, Minor and Mini jackpots that are won daily and we do not report those jackpots. So the actual amount paid out to British players from playing the Mega Moolah slot is much higher than the £34 million mentioned above.

Mega Moolah Jackpot total currency payouts

The total number of wins for each currency is shown in brackets

  • Canadian Dollar (15) - CA$103,033,322.73
  • Euro (14) - 69,600,779.43
  • British Pound (7) - £34,645,289.46
  • US Dollar (8) - UA$32,023,084.94
  • New Zealand Dollar (4) - NZ$21,139.038.25
  • Australian Dollar (4) - AU$13,432,454.12
  • South African Rand (2) - SAF6,821.733.34

When it comes to the average win for each currency, the British winners come in the middle of the table when looking at the numeric amount for each win.

  • Canadian Dollar - CA$6,868.888
  • New Zealand Dollar - NZ$5,284,759
  • Euro - €4,971,484
  • British Pound - £4,949,327
  • US Dollar - $4,002,885
  • Australian Dollar - AU$3,358,113
  • South African Rand - SAF3,410,866

However, if we translate these average win amounts into British Pound values, so they can be directly compared, British Pound players actually improve their situation a great deal and on average British Pound players tend to win more than those winning in any other currency.

  • British Pound - £4,949,327
  • Euro - £4,453,658
  • Canadian Dollar - £4,086,816
  • US Dollar - £3,192,460
  • New Zealand Dollar - £2,738,298
  • Australian Dollar - £1,831,851
  • South African Rand - £183,982

This is the first year that we have had two British Pound winners in the same year as previously to this, the other British Pound winners landed their Mega Jackpot prizes in separate years (2012, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018 and now we have two in 2019).

It is also the first time that successive winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot have been paid out in British pounds. There have been several instances of other currencies winning the jackpot twice (or more in a row). Canadian Dollars have won successive jackpots on five separate occasions including the only time the jackpot has been won by the same currency three times in a row (24th June 2014, 9th November 2014 and 9th April 2015), the Euro has seen two players win in a row using the currency twice, while there have also been two successive jackpots paid out in US Dollars.

Other big British Winners, this time on poker and lottery!

However, it's not just on Mega Moolah that British Players have been having a slice of luck recently. Only June 11th, 23-year old James Carmichael became the first poker player at Party Poker to claim the $1,000,000 jackpot prize on the sites Spins poker game.

The game, which sees players buy in for just $5, is a fast-paced version of poker where you play against two other players for a cash prize decided by spinning a wheel. Usually the prize is around 2x or 3x your stake, but if you get lucky, it can be considerably more, with a rare chance to play for $1,000,000.

Well on that date James landed the chance to play for a million and then saw off two other players, one from Mexico and one from Peru to claim the $1,000,000 prize. The two runners' up each pocketing $100,000 for their efforts.

However, James's win was dwarfed by the win that another UK-based gambler landed earlier in the week as they bought a ticket for the Euromillions lottery and managed to land the jackpot prize. This lucky player, who at the time of writing still has not come forward to claim their prize, landed an amazing £123 million as the jackpot prize had rolled over several times before the winning draw was made last week.

As yet nobody has claimed this prize and the wait goes on with scores of Brits checking their tickets in the hope that maybe they are the lucky prize winner.

However it's not such good news for two Scratchcard players in the UK, Mark Goodram and Jon-Ross Watson, as they have been denied access to a £4,000,000 jackpot prize after the winning ticket they bought, was paid for using what Camelot believe was a stolen credit card.

Camelot have denied the pair access to the funds, which they are now contesting in court, after their investigation led them to believe that the pair had used a stolen card to purchase their ticket in Darwen, Lancashire. They claim that they had been granted permission to use the card.

Another twist in the tale is the fact that the card-holder, whose card was used to buy the ticket, has now come forward to claim the prize, as it was his card that bought the winning ticket.

There certainly seems to be something in the air in the UK at the moment with so many big money winners and with the latest Mega Moolah winner adding to the list and the jackpot now reset to the seed amount of £1,000,000 and already climbing, how long will it be before the next big Mega Moolah jackpot is won, and will it be won by another British player?

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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