Mega Moolah progressive jackpot breaks GBP record

Just now the famous Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot smashed through the current World Record amount in British Pounds for players in the UK.

As the jackpot has now reached £13,234,477 (and counting) fans of the game are growing excited at the prospect of the next winner smashing the current British record win.

This would be the first time since 2015 that the jackpot pool has climbed this high but there are certain caveats and issues surrounding the size of the jackpot that mean a Guinness World Records winner is not guaranteed just yet.

Before we explore what they are, let's learn a little more about the current Guinness-approved World Record holder for a win on an online slot game.

Jonathon Heywood's Mega Moolah Jackpot Win

Across the summer and into the autumn of 2015, the Mega Moolah jackpot had been slowly climbing towards a new record amount. With no big progressive winner in the slot since April, by October the jackpot prize had reached £13.2 million and late in the evening of October 6th 2015, former British soldier Jon Heywood decided to try his luck on the slot, playing for the minimum bet £0.25 per spin.

He hadn't been playing the slot for very long when he triggered the Jackpot Bonus Game. Clicking the button to spin the wheel, he watched as the wheel came to rest in the famous white sector, landing him the biggest jackpot prize of all, the Mega Moolah prize.

In total, Mr Heywood took home £13,213,838 and 68 pence, which equated to €17,880,900 and was confirmed by Guinness as a new World Record amount to be won on an online slot game.

In addition to paying for some vital treatment for his poorly father, Mr Heywood vowed to spend some of his winnings on a dream car, properties and holidays.

Where to Play?

Since this record-breaking win, there have been just three instances when the Mega Moolah jackpot has paid out a sum more than 10 million in any currency and somewhat unusually, all three of those wins came in the three triggers immediately after Mr Heywood's win. One player landing NZ$10,144,395 in June 2016, followed by two Canadian Dollar winners both of around $11.6 million in August and November 2016.

However, this is the first time since that historic win in October 2015 that the Mega Moolah jackpot has climbed to a record-shattering level, however whether or not the next win will qualify as a Guinness World Record is still not yet known.

The current jackpot prize and the Brexit effect

The reason why there is some doubt as to whether the next big winner of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot will be the new world record holder has nothing to do with the game itself and all to do with the current strength of the pound against other currencies that the Mega Moolah slot can be played in, such as the Euro.

After the UK voted to leave the European Union, the effect of Brexit on the value of the pound against other currencies has been marked, with the pound weakening a great deal. In 2015, there were over 1.35 Euro to the pound, at the present time there are 1.11 Euro to the pound.

So, what that means in terms of the current Mega Jackpot is that if the next winner is based in the UK and lands the prize in excess of the £13.2 million won by Jon Heywood, then they will win a record amount in UK Pounds only.

However, Mr Heywood's winning cheque back in October 2015 equated to €17,880,900 in Euro, but the current predicament of the pound against the Euro means that if the next winner of the Mega Moolah jackpot was based in the UK and won, say for example £13.5 million pounds, this would only equate to just under €15 million.

Of course, the World Record would also only be threatened if a player from the UK won the top jackpot prize. Should a player from Canada, New Zealand or indeed any other country that permits players to play Mega Moolah win the jackpot prize, then the amount they win in their home currency is going to be considerably less than the current World Record amount.

The deprecation of the pound since Brexit would likely mean that if the Mega Moolah jackpot is won by a British player in the next few weeks, then the current World Record of Jon Heywood would likely stand, as the value in Euro would be considerably less. Indeed, the jackpot would have to rise to around £16 million in British Pounds to ensure that a win would smash the world record, both in pounds and, crucially, in Euros too.

What is true though is that if the next Mega Moolah winner hails from the UK, they will set a new British record winning amount and with a fat cheque in their pocket, they are unlikely to be too perturbed at not being the next big Mega Jackpot winner.

Especially when you consider what they could well spend their winnings on.

What would a jackpot win of £13.3 million or more allow you to buy?

If a new British record holder lands the jackpot shortly, what would a jackpot win of over £13.3 million allow them to spend their cash on? Of course, this depends very much on the winner. Some people will invest their cash in a number of different ways, others will initially pay off any debts they (or their family and close friends) may have. Some may even say it will not change their life and will report into work the next day as if nothing has happened!

But with a jackpot win in your back pocket, you could afford to buy yourself some rather cool and exclusive items. Here's a couple (tongue in cheek) ideas:

  • Buy your own Private Jet - A 1992 Boeing MD 87 VIP Jet would set you back less than half of your £13.3 million fortune and you don't need to collect any bitch-miles no longer either (but ongoing costs might take you to the poorhouse).
  • Hire a butler - Fancy someone doing all the day to day jobs that you love to hate? Hiring a personal butler can cost around £100,000 a year, but they would be there to do all the little tasks that eat into your day. Brilliant idea! But remember, the butler always does it!
  • Buy some cars - No need to head to the local dealer for a deal on a Fiat Punto with millions in your account, why not buy yourself a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport at a cost of around £1.2 million, if you can find one of the 150 built available for sale. But why stop there? Get another car, or two, perhaps a Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, or a Lambo might tickle your fancy.
  • Find your dream home - Where your dream home is, depends on your point of view, but if you fancy living the high life you can pick up a fabulous dream home in many of the world's most exclusive communities and throw lavish parties...mwahahaha!
  • Invest in properties - Invest and rent out guaranteeing income is always a smart way to go about your life. Just don't become a property jerk.
  • Save for a rainy day - Look at it this way, you've got your bail money sorted!

Keep your eyes peeled for when the jackpot finally is won as we will bring you all the details of the win right here at

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