Mega Moolah's 16 million jackpot grips slots players around the world

Mega Moolah fever is alive and well and has gripped the slot players of the world once again. Just a few months after the Mega Moolah slot set a brand new World Record for the largest ever pay out in an online slot game, and the jackpot is set to rise to another stellar amount, possibly over the coming weekend.

At the time of writing, the jackpot has now increased through the 16 million British pounds barrier, the jackpot amount is increasing more rapidly now that more and more players are trying their luck on the Mega Moolah slot, trying to win that bumper progressive jackpot.

This is only the sixth time ever that the Mega Moolah jackpot has got beyond 10 million, and only the third time the jackpot has broken 13 million - and each of those previous times we have seen a new World Record triggered.

First off, back in October 2015, a British player named Jon Heywood landed a £13,213,838 million prize when he won the huge prize on a spin of just 0.25. Then in September of 2018, an anonymous player who played using the Euro as their choice of currency landed a brand new World Record when they took home €18,910,668.

The exchange rate at the time meant that this amount of money eclipsed the amount in pounds won by Mr Heywood a few years ago and thus a new World Record for an online progressive slot jackpot was confirmed.

Since then though, the jackpot has not been won, October, November and December 2018 all passed without any further winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot, although with seven winners in 2018 (one in each of January, February, March, June and September, plus two winners within the space of 24-hours in April), it still meant that 2018 was the year that saw the jackpot triggered the second-most number of times (the first being 2017).

However, it has been the three months since the last win in September that has facilitated the jackpot to grow to 16 million and beyond and as we stand and if the jackpot is not won in the meantime, then it is very likely that the jackpot will increase substantially further over the coming days and weeks.

This is only the sixth time in the game's history that the jackpot prize fund has gone beyond the 10 million mark. Incredibly though, following Jon Heywood's record-busting win back in 2015, the next three jackpot wins following that all were above the ten million mark. A New Zealand player called Rawiri Pou won NZ$10.1 million in June 2016, eight months after Mr Heywood's win and he was followed by two Canadian players in August and November 2016, who each took home jackpots of over CA$10.6 million.

Many Mega Moolah players are wondering if lightning will strike twice and we will see another huge run of big jackpot wins, although for that to happen, you will need to trigger wins using currencies other than the British Pound or Euro, as this will ensure that there is still enough left in the pot in the base currency of Mega Moolah (British Pound) to give the next jackpot prize a kick start.

For example, if the winner landed a 16 million prize in New Zealand dollars, this would equate to, at the current exchange rate, around £8.5 million in British Pounds, which would mean that the jackpot fund would restart with around 7.5 million in the pot ready to be won. However, should the next lucky winner hails from the UK, then they would win all the 16 million (or whatever the amount is when it is triggered) and the jackpot fund would then reset to the seed amount, which is 1,000,000.

Similarly, a 16 million Euro win, would equate to around £14.482 million pounds, which would see the jackpot fund fall to around 2.5 million when the game restarted.

What will happen now?

As always, whenever the Mega Moolah jackpot reaches an exciting new level, then the amount of interest generated in playing the game increases a great deal. What this means is that in addition to the usual players of the Mega Moolah slot, a lot of other slot players and gamblers from all kinds of different disciplines, will decide to wager some cash on a few spins on the slot.

So with more players playing the game and more money being spent on the slot as the jackpot grows, this helps facilitate the rapid growth of the jackpot fund as we have seen over the last couple of months or so. This will continue to accelerate as the jackpot size increases until eventually, at some point in the future, one lucky player will trigger the prize.

Is a new World Record possible?

Speculation has already started that the current World Record held by the last winner of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize, may only hold onto that record for a short period of time, especially if the jackpot can climb yet further.

Although at the 16 million mark now, the jackpot would need to increase by a further 3+ million. Furthermore, the jackpot would need to be won either in Euros or British Pounds for the record to stand and in addition, the exchange rates would have to work in the jackpots favour to ensure that if the win is around the 19.2 or 19.3 million mark, that it is valued slightly more highly than the previous jackpot. That would not be an issue if such a winner used British Pounds to play, but may come into consideration if the jackpot winner, once again, lands their prize in Euros.

For a world record to be set using one of the other currencies on the Mega Moolah slot, such as the New Zealand or Canadian Dollar, then the size of the win would have to be considerably larger (You would need a 32.2 million New Zealand Dollar jackpot in order to land a prize of around 19 million Euro).

As the jackpot creeps past the 16 million mark, there's no doubt there will be plenty of excited Mega Moolah players trying their luck this weekend, will you be one of them and could you be the next lucky player to land a massive Mega Moolah jackpot win?

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