Mega Moolah's slots stories: Part One

Having been involved with slots, and in particular since 2006, I have often heard some fabulous stories about slots, players and games that I think would make an ideal topic for a blog post or article, however finding the right context for that in among all the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot winner news, new slot game reviews and all the other things can be tough.

So what I am going to do is bring you some of the most interesting slots stories I have garnered over the years while compiling and in a series of ad-hoc articles, I am going to bring them to you in the hope you will find them as interesting, crazy, strange or just downright weird as I did.

To begin, I am going to look at a winner as we like nothing more than to hear of a big slot winner. We already know of a few massive jackpot winners at Mega Moolah, but did you know the story of an American slots enthusiast who won a comparable jackpot at a Las Vegas Casino?

His name is Elmer Sherwin and is story is one you will scarcely believe.

Elmer Sher-Wins Megabucks with double progressive slot win in Las Vegas

Every slot player has days when they seem to strike it lucky. These days can, unfortunately, be some time apart and for some players it can mean a small profit on their spending and for others, it can mean a big win.

Then of course, there are your Mega Moolah progressive jackpot winners and their ilk, the ones who win so much money thanks to lady luck smiling down on them, that their win changes the course of their life forever.

Elmer Sherwin has always been a big fan of slot games and gambling in particular. Throughout his life, he had played slots and gambled but had never had any win of note. That changed when the now-retired 76-year-old Sherwin decided to take a road trip in the family's mobile home. With family located close to Las Vegas, Sherwin and his wife decided to pay them a visit and stay for a while.

Being so close to Vegas for a keen gambler like Sherwin was manna from heaven. He set himself a budget of $100 a week and during his stay he noted that the Mirage Hotel and Casino was having a grand opening. He and his wife attended and he duly spent his way through his $100 budget playing the Megabucks progressive jackpot slot.

Feeling the machine owed him a win, Sherwin persuaded his wife to give him an extra $20 to try his luck on the machine. With spins costing $3 a turn if you want to win the huge progressive jackpot prize, Sherwin would only have a maximum of six spins (or seven if he had a spare dollar lying around).

His wife's decision to hand him the $20 would prove to be one of her wisest decisions as during those spins, they watched in amazement as the symbols aligned in the jackpot formation. Cue the music, sounds, whistles and blaring trumpets of success as the machine duly announced that Elmer Sherwin had just won $4.6 million.

Sherwin had the forethought to take a picture of his win and he carried that picture with him around the world, as he used his win to fund trips around the world to visit places he had always wanted to go, but had never been able to afford to.

That win came back in the early 1990s and Elmer continued to play slots frequently, often landing some of the smaller prizes available on the Megabucks slot. By 2005, the Sherwin's were back in Las Vegas and Elmer had decided to try his luck on Megabucks once again this time at the Cannery Casino and Hotel.

Incredibly, 15 years after his $4.6 million dollar win, the now 91-year-old Sherwin saw the symbols align once again in the jackpot formation. This time, he had landed a jackpot of over $21 million. As officials checked the validity of his win, Sherwin retired to a restaurant until his win was confirmed.

Sherwin's double-win saw him earn around $21.6 million from Megabucks and he remains the only two time progressive jackpot winner in the slot's history. Two years after his win, Sherwin passed away at the age of 93 an old, happy and wealthy man.

Motorhead's Ace of Spades could have been oh-so different (we're glad it isn't)

There are few rock tracks in the world that are as iconic, or as immediately recognisable as Motorhead's signature tune the Ace of Spades. This 1980s release became the bands unofficial anthem and is widely regarded as one of the true classic rock songs of all time.

Although the song seems to be written about a card games, the lyrics speak of the Dead Man's Hand, Pushing up the Ante, in actual fact Lemmy Kilmeister, who was the writer of the song, revealed that he didn't play card games, but instead was an avid slot gamer.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the Motorhead bassist and front-man state:

"I did a bit of gambling back then... I used to live on the seaside in Wales and that's all there was... I'm not a poker player, I play slot machines. I've been playing them since I was about 18 when you were getting into bars. I don't trust any form of gambling with people involved in it; I like the machines better."

Initially, Lemmy had tried to make the song about his love of playing the slot games but found that fitting the words to do with slots into the song didn't work out particularly well. Still wanting to keep the theme of the song on his love of gambling, Lemmy instead changed it to focus on card games instead, which scanned better and produced instantly memorable lyrics.

The rest is history as the song went on to become one of Motorhead's most famous hits and one of the most instantly recognisable rock songs in the world today.

While the song remains a legend, we think Lemmy would have had an even tougher time trying to work "Mega Moolah progressive jackpot' into his latest chart smash, what do you think?!

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