Monkey Keno offers a chance to win up to 10,000 times the initial bet

The first Keno game hitting Microgaming casinos is set to be a hit with players. A new Keno game popping up these days is as rare as hens teeth so any fans of casino gaming will definitely not want to miss Monkey Keno.

For the uninitiated, Keno is a game that is a cross between Bingo and a lottery style game. In Monkey Keno, there is a an 8x10 board which lists all the numbers, in order, from 1 through to 80. On the right of that is the pay table, which lists how much you will be paid out depending on how many of the numbers you select are 'hit'.

In bingo and lottery games, the numbers are selected by a random number generator and this is the same for Keno, however in Monkey Keno, there is a monkey to the left of the screen who hurls coconuts which split open to reveal the next number by covering the number on the grid and turning it a different colour.

Furthermore, as you play, the Hot Numbers and Cold Numbers sections underneath the nut-flinging simian will reveal which numbers have been selected a lot in recent times (Hot Number) and those that have not been selected much, if at all recently (Cold Numbers).

How you play Monkey Keno?

In each game of Keno, the Monkey will fling 20 coconuts and thus reveal 20 numbers per game. Before he does that however, you have to decide how many numbers to pick. You can pick from three numbers up to the maximum number of 15 numbers in the game.

You select numbers by clicking on them on the 8x10 grid on screen. The numbers you will select will turn green and as you add numbers to the selection, the Paytable will update showing you how many numbers you will need to hit in order to win a cash prize and also how much that cash prize will be (based on your chosen wager).

Once you have selected your numbers, you can then select the size of your wager. You can bet from £0.10 up to a maximum of £10.00 per game and the biggest possible jackpot (which is available only if you pick 15 numbers and hit all 15 in a game) will pay you the maximum of 10,000 times your original stake.

This means that the maximum prize available depending on your stake ranges from £1,000 up to £100,000, depending on how much you decide to play for.

After the monkey has hurled the 20 coconuts, the game will end and any numbers that the coconuts covered are highlighted on the pay table. If the number of numbers hit by coconuts amounts to a win, that amount is shown and added to your current balance.

If you select more numbers to play in a single game, then you may need to hit multiple numbers in a game in order to trigger any payline win as there will not be a prize for hitting just one or two numbers out of a selection of 13, 14 or 15.

Once the game has completed and any payouts to you have been finalised, you can then restart the game by selecting new numbers, or you can elect to play the same numbers again if you prefer a speedier game. In addition, if you don't want to pick the numbers but would rather the software did so, there is an Autoplay feature available which allows you to do that for any game.

If you have never tried Keno as a slots player then Monkey Keno is certainly one game to try out. Not only is it a fun and fast way to play a lottery game, the ability to select varying amounts of numbers in each game means you can tailor your game and try different strategies to see which of them proves the most profitable? Should you play just three or four numbers and hope to land one for the win, or should you play 14 or 15 and need more single numbers to hit to get a win, but be in with a chance of the big jackpot prize.

That, and the speed of the game, is the beauty of Keno and why it is one of the most popular lotto-style games you can play online today and there's no better version to try than the forthcoming Monkey Keno.

Where to play Monkey Keno?

Step into a fun tropical adventure alongside the crazy monkey squad! Enjoy all the cool prizes that this simple yet enticing 80 numbers matching game can offer. You can pick up to 15 numbers and once you’ve made your choice, the game will select 20 balls for you. If your numbers are among those drawn - you win!

Match all 15 numbers and you will be rewarded with the huge amount of 10.000 coins! Sounds like it’s a party at the Monkey Keno headquarters and you are invited.

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