More chances to win Mega Moolah when you know how to use your bonus

With the Major Millions progressive jackpot prize now well over two million and the Mega Moolah progressive above seven million, it is fair to say that many Microgaming progressive fans are queuing up to play these games at their preferred online casino.

If you don't yet have a preferred Microgaming casino but want to join the fray and stand a chance of winning either of these massive progressive jackpot prizes, then why not sign up today at one of our casinos and enjoy the benefits on offer when you sign up, namely a Starter or Welcome Bonus.

In this article, we'll explore what this type of bonus is, how you realise it and how you can then use it to give yourself the maximum number of free chances to win a large progressive jackpot prize.

What is a Welcome Bonus at a Casino?

If you are new to casino gaming and don't know what a Welcome Bonus is at a casino, then the name is somewhat self-explanatory. It is a bonus that is given to players as a thank-you for joining the casino and making your first deposit. Some bonuses such as Free Spins or Free Cash incentives can be given without deposit requirements, however due to nature of the progressive jackpot game such as Mega Moolah requires players to deposit real money into their accounts. This is because from each bet/spin on Mega Moolah a small fraction goes into the jackpot pool.

Welcome bonuses are given to players when they deposit cash into their account to play with and usually, once you have played through your deposited cash, you can then access your bonus funds.

These bonuses are also called a Matched Deposit Bonus, or simply a Deposit Bonus, as they are calculated as a percentage of your deposit and the amount of bonus you can earn from this offer can vary from casino to casino.

It certainly is worth shopping around for the best deal as a new customer. You may find one casino offers you a somewhat different deal than another depending on how much money you want to initially deposit into your account.

Having said that there's not much difference in how these bonuses are designed these days. Most deposit bonuses are split into three or more separate deposits where the depositor earns a bonus for each time they make a deposit.

How can I use the Bonus to earn a chance to win millions?

Some bonuses you will see online will advertise Free Spins as being part of their offer, or they may state that you earn a cash value based on a percentage of your deposit. For example, a 100% Matched Deposit Bonus would see your deposit of 100, earn you 100 in bonus cash. A 200% bonus would therefore treble your money, offering you a 200 bonus for your 100 deposit.

Note: I have omitted currency symbols from the bonus examples below. The Mega Moolah game can be played in multiple currencies incl. British Pounds, Euros, Dollars, and several others.

To understand how you can use your bonus to give yourself the maximum amount of chance to win a large progressive jackpot prize, let's use a real-life example of a bonus.

We are going to use the 100 Chances to Become a Millionaire bonus that is available right now at Captain Cook's Casino through

This offer is hugely attractive as for a deposit of just 5, and you will receive a bonus of 25 simply for signing up. This cash will be available in your bonus account as soon as your deposit is confirmed, and you have accepted the bonus.

Now all you need to do is to load the casino from either the browser, or if you selected to install the casino onto your Windows-powered casino, you may load the deluxe casino full screen in your laptop or desktop, then find the Mega Moolah game and select to play it. Then the first thing to do in the Mega Moolah game is to set your bet at 0.25 per spin. You can then play through the 100 spins.

However, that isn't where the extra spins end. If you go on to make another deposit with Captain Cook's Casino, you can elect to take their Matched Deposit Bonuses on your second, third, fourth and fifth deposits.

If you so choose, you can then play through your cash on the Mega Moolah slot and then use your bonus playing the game. This would allow you the opportunity to have 1900 additional spins on top of the already 100 played spins on the Mega Moolah slot when you set the bet size to 0.25 per spin.

How did I calculate this?

  1. Make your second deposit of 100 and you will get a 100% matched bonus worth 100.
  2. Make your third deposit of 300 and you will get a 50% matched bonus worth 150.
  3. Make your fourth deposit of 500 and you will get a 25% matched bonus worth 125.
  4. Make your fifth deposit of 100 and you will get a 100% matched bonus worth 100.

It may be a big ask to fork out 1,000 but if you did your total free bonus cash received from the casino from the 2nd to 5th deposits would be 475. This would give you 1900 additional chances on the Mega Moolah! And that's only using your bonus cash to spin the game - you still have your actual deposit amount to play through.

Remember to play with what you can afford and adjust the deposit amounts accordingly. For example, if you can spend 250, place the following deposits on top your first deposit:

  1. 2nd deposit 25, get 25 bonus and 100 spins on the Mega Moolah.
  2. 3rd deposit 100, get 50 bonus and 200 spins on the Mega Moolah.
  3. 4th deposit 100, get 25 bonus and 100 spins on the Mega Moolah.
  4. 5th deposit 25, get 25 bonus and 100 spins on the Mega Moolah.

Your total free bonus cash from the casino is 125 and the for this you can get 500 additional spins on the Mega Moolah when you set the bet size to 0.25 per spin.

This is the perfect opportunity to see if you can land that multi-million jackpot!

What happens if I want to play a different progressive to Mega Moolah?

That's fine as the great thing is your bonus cash can be played on any game you like with very few restrictions. The Major Millions slot has an over two million jackpot at the moment, however, if you elected to play your bonus cash on a game like Major Millions instead of Mega Moolah, then how many spins you get for your money would be different.

That's because every spin on the Major Millions slot costs 3. So if you have a 25 bonus, then you would receive just eight spins on this slot if you were trying to win the progressive jackpot amount. But let's say you have 500 to spend. That would still give you only 166 spins to try to win a two million jackpot on Major Millions. Compare that to 800 spins on the Mega Moolah and going for a seven million jackpot!

So if you have already decided that you will sign up to a casino to play a progressive jackpot game, it makes perfect sense to give the Mega Moolah a go right now.

Has anybody ever won a big cash prize using a starter bonus?

One of the most commonly held beliefs by slot gamers is that if you realise a bonus with a casino, then the casino will have some safeguards in place to ensure that their bonus does not turn into the player landing a big win. Indeed, the casinos tend to have plenty of safeguards in terms of wagering requirements but a big jackpot win will easily smash any wagering requirements.

If you are shrewd enough to use your bonus playing a big money slot game or another type of progressive game from Microgaming then, you will be delighted to hear that you can win big and better still, some lucky players already have.

One lucky player playing at Zodiac Casino decided to take advantage of the sites current promotion of 80 Chances to Become a Millionaire and was playing through using their bonus cash when they triggered an amazing €7.9 million win. This win is still to date the largest ever win from a smart phone.

If that didn't convince players, then it happened again when a completely novice player signed up at Captain Cook's Casino and decided to take the 100 Chances to Become a Millionaire bonus offer and then almost instantly landing themselves a €6 million win!

There are already two documented examples of players winning big while using their starter bonus at a casino and we are confident that over the next few years, there will likely be more examples of the same thing happening.

What casinos are offering starter bonuses?

If you want to sign up with any reputable casino, especially ones that offer you a chance to play games with massive jackpot prizes like Mega Moolah and Major Millions, then why not check out the Where to Play page?

What is great about this page is that wherever you are based in the world, the software will recognise your locality and will display only the casinos that are available for you to sign up with. You can even read a little about each of the available casinos and their Welcome Bonus offers to decide which of them is best suited to you.

Once you have decided which offer to take, simply follow the links on the pages to sign up, claim your bonus and then get spinning to see if maybe you could be the next big multi-million winner!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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