New European Roulette released to Microgaming online casinos

Although we are, as fans of the Mega Moolah slot, predominantly concerned with the different slot games and progressive jackpot style slots that Microgaming churn out every month, we do also from time to time try our hand at the wide range of different casino games that the company has to offer.

This week is something of a landmark moment for Microgaming when it comes to casino gaming as after several months, Switch Studios, a UK-based games development studio who signed up with Microgaming in 2018 to produce a range of exclusive games for Isle of Man company, have finally released the first of their next generation of casino games.

The new game is European Roulette and while its name may not hint at it being a key release for the company, it could well be a crucial game in defining how the next generation of table games is produced and developed, including a raft of new features that have not previously been available on a single standalone version of roulette.

While we know a lot about Microgaming's popular slots background, with new releases coming every month and a number of top companies signed up to produce games for the company, we don't pay as much attention to the casino game offering. Microgaming do have an extensive range of casino games available to play and have done for many years, since they first introduced this particular genre of online casino gaming back in 1994.

So it was no surprise last year when Switch Studios, a company that has built its reputation on producing high quality table games, signed up with Microgaming to produce the next generation of casino games for the company and their first release for Microgaming certainly does not fall short of expectations.

The amazingly realistic online European Roulette

The new European Roulette has been drastically redesigned compared to older versions of the popular casino games available on Microgaming sites. For a start, the reel and its mechanics have been given a big update and it is now shown in ultra-realistic 3D and the animations of the wheel spinning and the ball rolling around it before bouncing down into a slot, make it feel like you are at the casino watching the spin unfold in real life.

As you would expect, having the visuals is one thing but Switch Studions have worked hard to ensure that the sound of the new game replicates the realism and of course, when you have that sorted, you have the perfect base on which to build the next key aspect of the game, the betting interface.

That is not a particularly easy thing to do on roulette, especially when you consider a game should now be ideally played by people on a tablet and smartphone device. The smaller screens, particularly on phones, can make placing bets on a standard roulette layout somewhat tricky. To combat that, Switch Studios have come up with a brand new interface for betting and it has already drawn plenty of admiration from those in the industry.

The net result is that it is now easier than ever for players using tablets or mobile devices, to place their bets quickly and easily. The intuitive nature of the interface makes for a smooth and simple betting experience and of course, when the outcome of the bet is delivered in fine style using the 3D wheel spin, the whole effect is hugely impressive.

In addition to the standard layout which contains the many different types of standard bet that you can make in roulette, Switch Studios have also provided punters with a racetrack option, which allows them to make a number of different bets, including some special bets which are not typically available on standard slot games. This means that not only do punters benefit from all the fancy graphics and engaging game-play, but they also have a greater range of betting options to pick from for the new game too.

Speaking about the release of the new Roulette game, the Game Publisher at Microgaming David Reynolds stated:

"Encompassing a close-knit group of online gambling and social gaming experts, Switch Studios are focused on bringing innovation and style to the online table gaming sector."

"The first in a suite of stylish and sophisticated table games, European Roulette is a classic game re-imagined for a new generation of players and a fantastic addition to Microgaming's content portfolio."

As exciting as this news is for fans of casino games at Microgaming sites, it is not the only news. As David Reynolds stated above, the release of European Roulette is simply the first in a number of planned new casino game releases by Switch Studios as part of their exclusive deal with Microgaming and as the Head of Studio at Switch Studios, Tom David, revealed, the company is proud of the new game and also working hard on the next in the series too.

"We are very proud to unveil our first official game under the Switch Studios brand, exclusive to Microgaming. Our aim is to deliver the best selection of classic table games that players enjoy, and European Roulette is set to pave the way for a new series of table games to come.

"The game contains advanced features in a modern setting and holds appeal to a growing market of casino players. We have worked hard to create a game that players will love, and we look forward to releasing our new game European Blackjack in the coming months."

It is going to be interesting to see how many Microgaming casino gaming fans are ready to give the new game a try, but there is no doubt that both Microgaming and Switch Studios are confident that the new version of Roulette will be a winner with fans of the genre and with Blackjack next up to get a 21st century makeover, this looks like being a very exciting time for the myriad of Microgaming casino customers who enjoy playing popular card and table games alongside their slot gaming.

You can try this new European Roulette game at any of our casinos.

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