Norwegian player hits a 3.7 million Euro jackpot on Mega Moolah

About a month ago, we brought you news on how one lucky player had broken the record for a progressive jackpot win on a mobile device, earning a staggering 8+ million Euro payout playing the millionaire-maker slot Mega Moolah at Tipico Casino.

With the jackpot reset, it has been climbing steadily since and then on the 22nd May, one lucky casino player managed to hit the Mega jackpot just 27 days after the last time it was won. The fortunate slot player, who is believed to hail from Norway was also playing at Tipico Casino, earned a win valued at 3,722,530.12 Euros, which they will receive as a lump sum.

The Chief Commercial Officer for Tipico Casinos, Marlon van der Goes, commented on the lucky players big win stating

"We are delighted that another big jackpot has been hit by one of our customers.

Microgaming Game Publisher David Reynold also added his congratulations to the winner stating;

"Two hits in one month on the same casino - it's no wonder Mega Moolah is often referred to as the Millionaire Maker!

"Congratulations to Tipico and their player on this mega win!"

So far details on the winner are sketchy and they may well decide to remain anonymous, although it is thought that the winner hails from Norway and that they have previously won around 45k while playing games, but this win comfortably surpasses anything they have won in terms of size. The jackpot was won after the user made just a $20 deposit at the casino. It is the second successive winner for a player at Tipico Casino.

This latest win brings the total amount of money paid out by the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot network, of which Mega Moolah is a key component part, to over 716 million Euros and the jackpot has already started growing again in readiness for the next lucky winner to bag a life-changing amount of money.

2017 has been a bumper year for Mega Moolah winners with their being one winner every month apart from February. A jackpot prize of 6 million Euros was won in January, followed by a 6.6 million Euros prize won in March and then the mobile world record prize of just over 8 million Euros, which beat the previous record by 41,000€, was landed in April, followed by this latest 3.7 million Euros win in May.

That's four big winners already in 2017 and in contrast the jackpot was triggered just five times throughout the whole of 2016 and in 2015, it was triggered just twice (including the world record jackpot payout of £13.2 million). In 2014 too, the jackpot was landed just three times, although it was landed twice within a month in June of that year.

Indeed, 2017 now stands a chance of being the luckiest year ever in terms of Mega Moolah jackpot winners as with four winners in five months and there still being seven months of the year when winners could be confirmed, this means that we could see the record of six winners in a calendar year (which was achieved back in 2013) broken.

In terms of the luckiest month for jackpot winners, the current record holders are the months of April and November, which have both seen the jackpot triggered five times since the game was first released. This is followed by October and December who both have four winners, while May, June and August each have three winners to their name. March has two winners, while there has been a single winner in January, February, July and September.

The largest win on the Mega Moolah jackpot came in October 2015 when Jon Heywood won a world record £13.2 million jackpot, a record for an online progressive jackpot payout that still stands to this day. The lowest ever jackpot payout came way back in August 2009 when one anonymous player took home a 1.1 million Euro win in the early days of the slot game.

In terms of the luckiest method of winning the slot, the jackpot has been triggered six times on a mobile device and 27 times on a desktop device. That is perhaps a little misleading however as with the growth of mobile casino gaming in modern times, it is likely there will be more mobile winners in future. Indeed of the last seven winners of the jackpot, four have won playing on their mobile device.

Interestingly, the jackpot was triggered twice in its early years on slots that were formerly part of the Mega Moolah progressive series, but which are now no longer available. In December 2011, one player won £1.9 million playing on the now obsolete Lord of the Rings slot and 12 months later in December 2012, another player John Orchard, won £5.8 million playing on the now retired The Dark Knight slot.

What makes the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot so appealing however is the fact that the jackpot can be won at any time by any player, regardless of what they elect to wager on each spin. That's because the Jackpot Wheel bonus game can be triggered on any spin at any given time and if you manage to spin the wheel and land it on that single Mega jackpot sector, then you will be walking away with a life-changing amount of money, just as 30 people have already done while playing the game since its inception.

After being triggered on the 22nd May, the jackpot has since been reset back to its seeding amount, which seeing as the jackpot was paid out in Euros, will be slightly more than the minimum £1,000,000 seeding amount that is always the guaranteed minimum amount to be won on the slot.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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