One Mega Moolah jackpot record has already been broken in 2019

There's no doubt that since the Mega Moolah slot was first released it has been one of the most successful and popular slots ever to have been released online.

Of course, a huge part of that success has been the massive Mega Jackpot prize, which is guaranteed to be at least a million in British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, or New Zealand Dollars, but which can often grow far in excess of that amount and award prizes massively higher.

Over the years there have been some very memorable wins, from the first confirmed win we have data on, which came in November 2007, to John Orchard's £5.8 million win on the eve of Christmas in 2012. There was another huge win, and a Guinness World Record confirmed, when Jonathon Heywood landed a £13.2 million jackpot in 2015 and we have also had an amazing €18.9 million winner in September 2018, plus a CA$20.05 million winner in January 2019.

Those jackpots were all notable for their size, but in one particular year, it wasn't the size of the jackpot wins that was remarkable, but the sheer number of Mega Moolah winners! Mega Moolah tended to pay out only a few jackpots a year, but as the game grew in popularity, a couple more jackpots each year tended to be triggered.

And then came 2017, which rewrote the record book and offered proof, if it were ever needed, that the Mega Moolah jackpot can be won at anytime, anywhere by any player.

Putting 2017 in context

Up until 2017, the Mega Moolah jackpot had been triggered on average, 2.8 times per year. Initially, when the game was not as popular, we only saw one jackpot winner in 2007, 2008 and 2010, but as the game grew in popularity, there were more winners with four in each of 2012 and 2013 and the record number of winners was six in 2014.

However, in 2015, we had seen just two winners and there were another four winners in 2016, so few people were expecting just what would happen in 2017, even taking into account how popular Mega Moolah had become over the past decade or so.

2017 began with the first winner of the year on the 16th January, when a player won a Canadian Dollar jackpot prize of just over CA$8.4 million. That was a great way to start the year, but with no winner in the rest of January or throughout February, nobody was really expecting 2017 to have a significant number of winners any different to past years.

The second winner in 2017 also heralded from Canada and they won a sizeable CA$9.5 million prize on the 14th March. Two winners in three months was not unusual for Mega Moolah, in 2014 for example, there had been three winners of the jackpot prize in a 12-day period from the 12th to the 24th June, so two winners in January and March were nothing out of the ordinary.

Two Canadian Dollar winners meant that the jackpot prize fund hadn't been completely emptied on either trigger and that ensured a decent amount was left in the fund for the next jackpot and that third jackpot of the year would follow on the 25th April, when one lucky player landed a prize of just over €8 million.

Again, this was not unusual but things would start to get a little crazy when we entered the month of May 2017 and one of the red-letter days for Mega Moolah fans, the 22nd May.

On that day we saw the fourth winner of the jackpot prize that year, another Euro winner, who landed a prize of over €3.7 million. Then, incredibly, just over five hours later, the jackpot was won again, this time by a Canadian Dollar player who landed a prize of just over C$1,000,000.

This was the first time that the Mega Moolah jackpot had been won twice in a single day in the history of the game and it also meant that in the five months of 2017, we had seen five winners already. We needed only one more winner to match the record number of wins (6 in 2014). Incredibly, that record would be broken in the space of one day in June.

Just as the 22nd May is a red-letter day for Mega Moolah players, so is the 19th June 2017 as the incredible double win in a day happened again. We had one winner landing their prize in New Zealand Dollars of NZ$1.55 million and then just hours later there was an Australian Dollar winner who landed a prize of just over AU$1 million to be the second winner that day and also set a new record for seven winners in a calendar year.

Of course, the jackpot had been won so often that it hadn't had time to climb to higher amounts and many felt that after the double wins of the 22nd May and the 19th June, it would be some time before the next jackpot would be won. How wrong they were.

The eighth winner of the year came on the 6th July with a Euro player landing a €1.8 million prize. There was a gap of several weeks before the next winner, during which many more people had started to play the slot and as a result, the jackpot prize was growing more rapidly. So that by the time we got to the 14th August 2017, the jackpot had risen to over 5.1 million, which was then won by an Australian Dollar player.

Nine winners of the Mega Moolah jackpot in eight months was unprecedented and 2017 was already guaranteed to be a record-breaking year, the question was only how many jackpot winners would land their prize in the remaining four months?

The answer to that was a further four jackpot winners, one in each month of September (€7.7 million), October (£1.4 million), November (CA£1.4 million) and December (€4.2 million) meant that in 2017, there were an incredible 13 millionaires created as a result of the Mega Moolah jackpot prize.

That number was more than double the previous record and meant that across the year and the 13 different jackpots, Mega Moolah had paid out over 55.1 million in a total of five different currencies. An average win of over 4.2 million.

2017 may have not had any winners breaking through the magical 10 million barrier, 9.5 million was the closest the jackpot got in March of that year, but the sheer number of winners in that year means that it will forever be remembered fondly by Mega Moolah slots fans.

The year after this, 2018, saw seven winners of the jackpot prize pool, including a potential new world record win over €18.9 million in September of that year.

What about 2019? One record has already been broken!

2019 is promising to be another great year because we still have 4 and a half months left of the year and we have already made a new record in terms of the total amount of Mega Jackpots paid out. It stands at a whopping 59 million!

That's eight million more than what was paid out in 2017, which saw 13 winners. In 2019 we've seen 7 winners so far but the jackpots have been much bigger. The average jackpot in 2017 was 7.1 million whereas in 2019 it stands at 8.4 million!

Should 2019 see a few more winners we will easily break 70 or perhaps even 80 million in Mega Jackpots paid out to winners! Nobody yet knows, but it is going to be exciting to find out.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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