Online vs offline casino gambling: 10 points to consider

It is no secret that the online gambling industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Online gambling is commonplace in some countries and quickly emerging as the hottest trend in many others.

There are those gamblers who swear by the online model. They believe it is the best way to play everything from the Mega Moolah slot to live casino table games. At the other extreme, there are gambling purists who would never even think of playing online. They believe the only way to practice casino gambling is through a live experience at a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Fortunately, there is no right or wrong. Gambling is a very personal experience with plenty of options to work with. It is interesting to note that both live casino and online gambling are thriving around the world. So to say that one is superior to the other doesn't make sense.

Here are 10 points to consider if you are the kind of person who wants to rate both online and live casino gambling:

1. Player accessibility

The first point speaks to why online gambling is doing so well: player accessibility. We are not talking about accessibility in terms of gamblers with disabilities, though that is important; we are talking about having local access to a brick-and-mortar establishment.

There are untold numbers of gamblers who play online simply because they do not live anywhere near a brick-and-mortar casino. Playing online brings the casino to the gambler rather than forcing the gambler to travel to one of the major cities.

2. Casino variety

Casino variety is another area in which the online model seems to have the edge. Online gamblers can choose from among hundreds of different casino properties. Moreover, they can make deposits at multiple online casinos if they can't find everything they want in one place. There aren't nearly as many options for live casino gambling.

Even in a gambling mecca like Las Vegas, there are not as many options as there are online. What's more, visiting every casino on the Las Vegas strip is both impractical and expensive. Players can cover a lot more ground online without ever leaving the privacy of their own homes.

3. Game variety

Some gamblers thrive on a variety of different games. They want to play slots during one session and table games during another. They might even want to throw in a game of bingo or keno as well. For them, game variety is a crucial factor.

If variety is your thing, you are probably more attuned to the online environment. You are likely to see hundreds of slots titles along with dozens of table games at any online casino. Some of those casinos even offer live dealer gaming.

Will you find the same variety at a brick-and-mortar casino? That depends on the establishment you visit. Some of the largest brick-and-mortar casinos in the world rival online casinos in terms of the sheer number of games available. Smaller casinos are more limited in their offerings.

4. The gambling experience

Another significant factor for a lot of gamblers is the actual experience itself. Some gambling purists have described online gambling as being no different than playing a game of computer solitaire. For them, there is nothing quite like the experience of being at a brick-and-mortar casino filled with so many sights and sounds. They love the glitz and glamour of the brick-and-mortar experience.

The purists do have a point here. Playing Mega Moolah online is a decidedly different experience when compared to playing Megabucks in a brick-and-mortar environment. Gaming companies are aware of this, so they are starting to develop live gambling options that combine real-time audio and video with computer software. Still though, these live gaming experiences may still not be enough for purists.

5. The human factor

A big part of the live casino gambling experience is the human factor. In other words, gamblers who prefer the brick-and-mortar experience also tend to prefer live interaction with other players and casino workers. For them, having their interactions limited to a text-based chat tool just isn't good enough.

This is most obviously observed in table games that involve multiple players. Imagine sitting at a blackjack table along with four or five others all betting against the house. The players can feed off one another with every turn of the cards.

Likewise, there is something thrilling about being on the casino floor and seeing someone a few machines down winning a jackpot. It adds more excitement to your own experience because you know, in the back of your mind, you could be the next big winner.

6. Banking options

You have to have money in order to gamble, right? In a brick-and-mortar setting, you can simply withdraw cash from an ATM and purchase chips at the cashier. It is a pretty simple transaction. At the end of your session, you cash out your chips and walk away.

Online gambling offers a larger variety of banking options. In addition to credit and debit cards, players can make deposits using online payment systems, prepaid cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency. The last option - cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin - is quickly emerging as one of the hottest things in the online gambling arena.

Gambling with cryptocurrency offers a bit of anonymity that is just not possible in a brick-and-mortar setting. Cryptocurrency gambling also eliminates banks from the gambling equation. As such, there are people who swear by cryptocurrency gambling as a way to enjoy their favorite activity without all the complications that come with banking services.

7. Gambling skill development

Gamblers who prefer the skill games (blackjack, Texas hold 'em, etc.) know that time and practice are required to get better. Therein lies one of the drawbacks of live casino gambling. Unless you live in a city with at least a moderate number of casino options, you don't have a lot of opportunity to pull up a seat at a live table. That means the opportunities to develop your skills are also limited.

Online gambling solves that problem, at least to a certain degree. Playing computer simulated table games affords you the opportunity to at least practice whatever strategies you've developed. Playing a live table game online enhances your ability to practice by connecting you with a real-time game rather than a computer simulation.

8. Time constraints

Gambling is considered a hobby because most people do it in their spare time. Unfortunately, the busyness of the modern world does not leave a whole lot of time for those personal hobby pursuits. This could be a problem for people who do not have access to online gambling.

Time constraints can limit your ability to visit brick-and-mortar casinos. This is especially true if the nearest casino is hundreds of miles away. And even if you live in a town where casinos are active, they may not offer operating hours conducive to your schedule.

Online casinos are more friendly to players with time constraints. Because they are online, they never close. Gamblers can log on and play their favorite games at three o'clock in the morning just as easily as two o'clock in the afternoon. Online casinos allow players to play any time of the night or day from virtually anywhere they have an internet connection.

9. Free play

Are you the kind of gambler who likes to try out a new slot game before you start gambling real money? If so, you probably know that plenty of online casinos offer such opportunities. You can login and play games in demo mode first, then decide whether they are worth betting on.

Online operators are amenable to offering free play because it doesn't cost them any more to do so. They use free play as a means of inviting new players to try their games. Unfortunately, free play isn't something you are going to find at your local casino.

10. Bonus offers

Last but not least, walk into your nearest casino and ask for a bonus. You'll most likely get a few odd laughs out of the cashier ladies.

Visit any online casino and a bonus is always offered. It may be a first deposit bonus, a welcome bonus that extends over several deposits, a free spins offer that may or may not require a deposit, or with Mega Moolah there's the special 80, 100, 120 and 150 spins offers requiring a very small deposit to get started. Remember you do not need to claim a bonus at an online casino and many players don't for these reasons.

The 10 points listed here are a good starting point for deciding whether you want to gamble online, at a brick-and-mortar casino, or both. Again, there is no right or wrong here. However you choose to gamble is entirely up to you. Just be safe, be responsible, and have fun!

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