Play Mega Moolah a lot? Then you should know about Casino Rewards!

With the Mega Moolah jackpot set to reach the 4 million mark in a very short amount of time and as the jackpot continues to rise, you will find people will suddenly start to play the Mega Moolah progressive a lot more often.

However, do you realise that if you are playing Mega Moolah and you are not part of a rewards program, then you could well be missing out on some other lovely bonuses and other incentives offered to you as a reward for your playing and spending on a site?

After all, not everybody can claim the Mega Moolah top jackpot prize, but everybody can claim a little extra bonus or two by ensuring that they play their Mega Moolah spins at a quality casino that is part of a very rewarding bonus program. There are a number of these available and many sites have their own reward scheme, but in terms of sheer value alone, and also in terms of popularity with customers, the Casino Rewards Network program is impossible to beat.

What is the Casino Rewards Network?

The idea for any reward network online sprang from the fact that in real world casinos, such as those you would find in Las Vegas, Monaco or Macau for example, a casino would attract players to remain in the casino and play there by offering them a number of incentives. That could come in the form of free food or drinks while you are playing, or if you are a big spender, it can come in the form of other bigger value bonuses, such as being offered a chance to stay in a luxury hotel room, or to be chauffeured to and from the casino.

Of course, not all players a high roller and so these trinkets to wealth are not readily available to most. When online casinos first started to grow in popularity, it was very quickly realised that to encourage players to remain loyal to a casino, they needed their own equivalent of these "comps" that people received in real world casinos and hence, the first rewards programs were developed.

Around the year 2000, the Casino Rewards Network first came into being and it is now, arguably, the largest rewards network of its kind, it spans not a single casino, but an entire family of 12 different casinos. Nineteen years since it was first announced, the Casino Rewards Network is still going strong and now boasts many millions of members.

Oh, and if you are wondering, the casinos that are part of the Casino Rewards Network have produced more Mega Moolah winners than any other comparable rewards network by a considerable distance!

So what is the Casino Rewards Network, how does it work and why would joining it be beneficial to you if you play a fair few spins on the Mega Moolah slot every week or so? In this article, we are going to explore exactly how the network operates and what benefits there are for players that are part of it.

The Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme

If you are a member of one of the 12 casinos outlined below that are part of the Casino Rewards Network, then you are likely to have been enrolled into the Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme when you signed up to your chosen casino.

Not all the casinos are available all over the world, but you can check which casinos are available for you to join by heading to the Where to Play page, which will show you the casinos that are part of the network that are available for you to join in your geographic region.

The 12 active casinos that are part of the Casinio Rewards Network are outlined below:

  1. Blackjack Ballroom
  2. Captain Cook's Casino
  3. Casino Action
  4. Casino Classic
  5. Golden Tiger Casino
  6. Grand Mondial Casino
  7. Luxury Casino
  8. Quatro Casino
  9. UK Casino Club
  10. Villento Casino
  11. Yukon Gold Casino
  12. Zodiac Casino

Of course, each casino has its own starter bonus available, details of which are shown the rewards page, but that is a different aspect of the site that is apart from the main features of the Casino Rewards Scheme.

There are a total of six different levels on the Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme. When you sign up with one of the casinos above, you will automatically start your membership on the lowest tier of the scheme, which is the Green Level.

The six levels of the scheme are as follows:

  • Green
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

Status Points

Every month you play at your chosen casino, you will earn status points for what you spend. Over time, these points will accrue and the more points you accrue in a given month, the further up the levels of the scheme your membership will go. Of course, the higher up the scheme you go, then the greater the value of the rewards, bonuses and other promotional items that you unlock.

When you move up to a new level on the scheme, you will automatically hold onto that level for the current and the following month before your spending is reviewed and you could be moved up or down the membership scheme once again (or remain in the same place if your spending is relatively constant).

VIP Points

In addition to the Status Points which you earn to determine your level of membership, you will also earn VIP Points as part of the Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme. The good news with these VIP Points is that as you collect them, they will never expire and after you have collected enough, you can trade them in for bonus credits, which you can then use to play your favourite games at your chosen casinos.

Other bonus features of the Casino Rewards loyalty scheme

In addition to your membership status and the VIP Points, you are also eligible to receive a number of other bonuses as a member of the scheme. What these bonuses are differ from time to time but they can included a number of different benefits, such as:

  • Special member-only promotions
  • Increased bonus sizes for members of the network. Bonuses can also be increased in value the higher up the Membership Levels that you go.
  • Priority Customer Support services
  • Members may be granted access to exclusive games
  • Personal VIP Hosts for higher roller players
  • Gifts from the casino on your birthday
  • Entry into the Casino Rewards Lucky Jackpot Pool Draws. These free to enter draws take place several times a day and the higher your membership of the Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme, then the more draws you will gain free entry into, offering you a free chance to win thousands each day.
  • Entry into the Time of Your Life Sweepstakes - Another draw which will be free to enter for Casino Rewards Loyalty Scheme members meeting the entry criteria and which offers prizes of once in a lifetime trips, sporting events and other amazing life experiences.

Remember, you can play at these casinos on a mobile device as well as your desktop and tablet and you can also now play at any of the 12 member casinos using Bitcoin as your deposit method.

With over 15 million members, the Casino Rewards Network has been offering players great value bonus features for almost 20 years now, so why not sign up today and become a member of the network that has produced more Mega Moolah winners than any other by a considerable distance!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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