Play Mega Moolah from Canada with Instadebit: No credit card required

Among the many options Canadian players have for funding their Mega Moolah play is a service known as Instadebit. This service makes it possible to cover deposits with a secure, electronic transfer that takes money directly out of the player's bank account.

Instadebit bills its service as almost like writing a check online. This is a good starting point, but it gets better. The Instadebit service supports every bank in Canada. A few other competing services are limited in their bank support. That means with Instadebit, you can deposit funds to play Mega Moolah regardless of the bank you use.

Basics of Instadebit

There are numerous ways to accomplish moving money between parties online. There are direct electronic funds transfers (EFTs) between banks initiated by either the sender or receiver; there are automated clearing house (ACH) transactions that use third-party intermediaries to move money; there are credit cards, debit cards, and full-service payment solutions like PayPal and Klarna.

So what is Instadebit? It is best understood as a hybrid solution that combines the power of EFTs with the convenience of digital wallets. Instadebit allows you to purchase products or services online by making payment directly from your own bank account without giving the merchant access to your sensitive data.

Note that Instadebit is not a true digital wallet. That will be important in the section talking about withdrawals. For now, though, it is enough to know that Instadebit is an electronic payment transaction provider. You cannot use it as a digital wallet for moving around multiple currencies; you can only use it to pay for things from your bank account.

How the Instadebit system works

Let's say you went down to the department store to purchase some household goods. If you wanted to cover your purchases with a check, you would write it there, on the spot. Either the cashier or manager would have to approve the check before clearing the transaction. The check would be deposited with the rest of the store's funds at the end of the day.

Instadebit works much the same way with one big difference: it is nearly instantaneous because everything is done digitally and online. When you transfer money using the system, you do not have to wait for authorisation or clearance. As long as your banking information is correct and you have sufficient funds to cover the transaction, you are good to go.

Every time a customer initiates a transaction, like making casino deposit for instance, Instadebit uses the stored information to check with the customer's bank. Provided that there are sufficient funds to cover the transaction, Instadebit instantly initiates the transfer; its system tells the bank's system to send the money to the casino's bank account.

Making it all work requires both an Instadebit account and a casino account. However, the casino never has access to the customer's banking information. For all intents and purposes, the customer bank remains anonymous to the merchant. Instadebit pulls money from the customer's account and pushes it to the casino account; no personal bank details are sent in the transaction.

Making a deposit with Instadebit

You can play Mega Moolah via Instadebit by making a deposit at our casinos. Of course, this assumes two things: that the casino accepts Instadebit payments and that you have already created a casino account. Making a payment is as simple as clicking the link and logging in to Instadebit.

Navigate to the account page of your Mega Moolah casino and follow the link for making a deposit, then choose Instadebit as your preferred payment method. You will be prompted to login to your Instadebit account using the username and password you chose when setting up the account. Once in, the system will make the transfer.

Even though your login is initiated by your wanting to make a deposit, you are not actually logging in to Instadebit through the casino. Your browser is redirected to a separate login page that keeps your login information private.

Requesting a withdrawal with Instadebit

Instadebit does not provide a direct connection from your casino account to your bank account. Therefore, you cannot make direct withdrawals. Instead, any money you withdraw is transferred into your Instadebit account. You can access that money by logging in to your Instadebit account and then transferring the money to your bank from there.

Another option is to simply leave the money where it is and use it for future deposits or online purchases. It is your choice. In either case, your withdrawal is made with the same system used to make your deposit, a system that facilitates the transaction without providing the casino with your bank information.

Note that withdrawals are usually not instantaneous. It takes at least one business day for most withdrawals to post; it can take more in some cases. You need to know this if you are hoping to have instant access to withdrawn funds.

Setting up an Instadebit account

You cannot use Instadebit to play Mega Moolah without signing up for an account. Unlike some other services, Instadebit does not allow guest transactions. On the positive side, signing up for an account is relatively simple. You start by visiting the Instadebit page and clicking the button at the upper right corner.

The system will ask you to enter the pertinent information. It will ask for your name, address, etc. along with banking information. Note that Instadebit only works with checking accounts. You will need the name of your bank along with both your account and routing numbers. Those numbers are found on your checks.

The routing number is the first number starting from the far left of the bottom of the check. Your account number is the number that follows. Note that check numbers are completely different; they have nothing to do with either routing or your account number.

After entering your information, the Instadebit system will verify your account and routing numbers for accuracy. If so, the system should identify the name of your bank. Provided everything is accurate, the system will then make a small deposit into your account to verify the accuracy of the information.

A day or so after registering, you should login to your bank account and find the small deposit that was made, then go back to your Instadebit account to verify that transaction. This tells Instadebit that everything is set up and ready to go.

Advantages of Instadebit

Canadians appreciate Instadebit for a number of great reasons. First and foremost is the fact that they can use the system to make payment from a bank account as though they were writing an electronic check. This is a rather convenient way to pay for things online. Customers enjoy the benefits of writing checks in a digital format that is faster and more efficient. Other advantages include:

  • Pay-As-You-Go - There is no need to pre-fund your Instadebit account. Everything is pay-as-you-go just as if you were writing a check.
  • Financial Institutions - Instadebit is usable with any Canadian financial institution. The only restrictions are that users must be at least 18 years old and they must have a valid Social Insurance Number.
  • Online Management - Instadebit offers online account management. Users can login to track payment histories, transfer funds out of their accounts, etc.
  • Data Privacy - Making a casino deposit with Instadebit is a private transaction. The recipient never sees banking information or other personal data.
  • No Credit Cards - No credit card is necessary to use the system. In fact, Instadebit doesn't even accept credit cards for payment. Payments must be funded from a Canadian bank account.
  • Multiple Currencies - Instadebit allows users to purchase in either US or Canadian dollars.

Disadvantages of Instadebit

As a payment system for funding casino play, Instadebit does have some disadvantages that need to be considered. These are as follows:

  • One Bank Account - Users can only register a single bank account with Instadebit. All transactions must be conducted through that account.
  • No Protection - In the event something goes wrong between casino and player, the player gets no assistance from Instadebit to resolve the issue. Players must deal with casinos on their own.
  • Indirect Withdrawals - As previously explained, withdrawals are indirect with this system. Withdrawn amounts are sent to the player's Instadebit account where they can be accessed and withdrawn by the player.
  • Spending Limits - Instadebit imposes spending limits on all new members upon sign-up. Spending limits are increased somewhat after a new member verifies the initial Instadebit deposit. Those limits may or may not be increased over time.

The most important thing to remember about Instadebit is that you must have sufficient funds in your bank account to cover transactions. Insufficient funds will result in a transaction immediately been cancelled. Making such practices routine could lead to your Instadebit account being suspended as well.


Instadebit is yet another banking option for Mega Moolah players residing in Canada. It is an electronic payment system that facilitates direct fund transfer from your bank account to the merchant's bank account.

It is a good option available to players who want to avoid using credit cards or having to sign up with a more comprehensive banking platforms such as Klarna.

If you are at least 18 years old and have a Canadian bank account, and don't have or don't want to use a credit card, then Instadebit is one way to fund your Mega Moolah play! Try it now and claim 120 spins on Mega Moolah plus claim a big CA$1600 bonus.

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