Should I play the Mega Moolah slot differently to a standard slot game?

When you think of the different options available to you at top quality online casinos you can divide casino gaming players into different categories. There are those who prefer card games, such as blackjack or video poker, but the largest group however is reserved for those players that enjoy their thrills and spills playing the slots.

In truth though, you can further subdivide the group of slot players into two other groups. There are those that enjoy the more traditional slot game and those that prefer progressive jackpot slots. Of course, there will be significant overlap between the two groups, but if you polled a group of slots players and asked them which they would prefer to play, you would probably find they have strong views on which game they prefer to load up.

Now of course, each game has its positive and negative points. A progressive jackpot slot, such as the massively popular Mega Moolah, will draw players in due to the sizeable progressive jackpot prize available to be won (which starts at a minimum of £1,000,000 and can increase far beyond that). Other progressives, such as King Cashalot or Major Millions can also have huge cash prizes that make it obvious why these games are so popular with players.

With other slot games, their popularity can be down to a number of factors. Some may have big jackpots themselves (games like Terminator have jackpots in excess of a million coins), others such as Game of Thrones will be popular because of the subject matter of the slot (in this case, film and television series).

Others are popular because of the different types of bonus features available on the game. For example, the new Reel Talent slot from Microgaming offers a different take on a bonus round by offering re-spins rather than Free Spins. Other games like Halloween offer huge jumbo-sized symbols, which can be landed in the game to increase the value of a win. While Free Spins and Wild bonuses are commonplace, it is how these are used and incorporated into slot games, that tends to make certain games more popular than others.

Then of course, there is the issue of variance and the fact that some players enjoy Microgaming slot games, such as Ariana, Lucky Leprechaun's Loot or Arabian Rose, which have a relatively high RTP and which see players win smaller amounts more often, whereas others prefer much higher volatility games such as Pretty Kitty, Cashville or High Society.

There are many different reasons why players can prefer one particular type of slot over another, even down to a player simply enjoying a greater run of success playing one game over a different slot. However, what is certainly true is that slot players will almost certainly try many different games when playing at a casino.

And if that is the case, should they approach playing a progressive jackpot game such as Mega Moolah, Major Millions or Treasure Nile, in the same was a playing a non-progressive jackpot slot?

Progressive Strategy v Non-Progressive Strategy

It seems logical that a player would approach a progressive slot in the same way as a non-progressive game. After all, on each game, the player is subject to the whims of the Random Number Generator as to whether their spins land a win or not and there is nothing that the player can do to seemingly influence that.

However, while it is certainly true that a player cannot influence the outcome of any given spin, a player can devise different strategies to play using parameters that they can control, such as how much they spend per spin, how long a session on the slot should be and what they should do in the case of winning or losing a larger than usual amount of money.

It is in these areas that there may well be smaller tweaks in how a player approaches a progressive slot compared to a non-progressive, particularly if that slot is the Mega Moolah slot.

  • Bet Size

On a standard slot, the amount you bet is fundamental to calculating the overall value of any win that you land on a slot game. On some slots, wins are stated in coin size (say 500 coins) and the player decides the value of the coin based on their bet size. So on a 50 line slot, a player playing for 0.50 per spin, has a coin value of 0.01 per spin. Thus a 500 coin win, amounts to £5.00, or 10x their total bet.

However, if the player plays for £5.00 per spin, that is £0.10 per line and that 500 coin win now amounts to £50.

In the standard game of Mega Moolah, this same rule holds true, however when it comes to triggering the Jackpot Bonus game, which is the key to landing the Mega Moolah jackpot prizes, then the size of your stake per bet is important.

Quite simply, the more you bet on each spin, the more your chances of triggering the Jackpot Game grow. Place the minimum bet of 0.25 and you have the least amount of chances to trigger the bonus. Play for 0.50 per spin, and you have more chance of triggering the bonus. Play for 5.00 per spin and you have a greater chance still.

Here, your strategy should be dependent not just on triggering the Jackpot Bonus, but also how much you can afford to play for based on your bankroll. It is impractical to have a smaller bankroll (say under £100) and play for £5 per spin as this could easily wipe your bankroll out before you have any chance of triggering the bonus. Therefore striking the balance between the size of your bet on the Mega Moolah slot, and indeed any similar progressive, is key.

  • Winning Streak

So say you've been playing a standard slot, or a progressive jackpot game, and have hit something of a winning streak and you have amassed a much larger than usual amount of money in your account. Is there any difference in what you should do playing a standard slot compared to a progressive in this instance?

In truth, what you elect to do here is down to personal choice. Some players will treat a stroke of good fortune on any slot game the same, but my view is that if you are playing a non-progressive slot and land a big win, then you cannot do much better than that in this game. As such, I would tend to withdraw a significant proportion of that win to enjoy.

However, if I am playing a progressive slot, then I am doing so to try and win that huge jackpot. In the case of the Mega Moolah slot, this is a prize that is usually of several million. Therefore, if I have a bigger than normal win in the base game, I would tend to reinvest that in playing the slot, in the hope of triggering the jackpot bonus and landing the top prize.

In each case, it is the value of the biggest win on the slot combined with my intentions for playing it that would determine my strategy here. So if I were to win £500 on a standard slot, I'd likely withdraw £400 of that to spend on what I wish. Alternatively, if that win came on Mega Moolah, I'd likely just keep that money in my account to fund future sessions on the slot. Particularly when the jackpot has reached a higher than usual level and the expected value on the slot tips into the positive.

  • When to play?

With a standard slot, there is no issues with judging when to play the game as the same jackpot prizes are available on every spin of the slot at any time and regardless of what prizes have been paid out in the last few hours, days, weeks or months. Therefore, if I am playing a standard slot, I know I can play the game whenever I like.

With progressive jackpot slots, it is slightly different as why the standard game operates like a standard slot, the progressive element, which is what I am most interested in, is time-dependent in terms of how large the jackpot can grow to.

As such, I tend to shy away from playing a progressive with the jackpot prize is relatively low for the game and wait until it reaches a sizeable amount. With the Mega Moolah slot, my trigger point for this is usually around the £5 million mark. What that trigger point is for other players will of course vary, but for me, that is when I start to think about playing the progressive again.

That's not to say I am less likely to win when the jackpot is smaller than £5 million, you can win the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize on any spin at any time. It is simply that I feel the game is better value for me to play when the jackpot is higher.

Other players have a more consistent approach and will play the slot at any time regardless of the size of the jackpot prize as they know you can win on any spin and the number of lower value wins of between 1 million and 5 million are testament to this.

For me personally, I prefer the excitement of having a really huge jackpot to play for and the more that jackpot increases in size, then the more appealing the game is to play. However, this issue is really down to personal choice as there is no penalty for playing Mega Moolah at any time.

  • Losing Streak

The final change in strategy for me personally when playing progressive slots compared to real life slots comes when you hit one of the dreaded runs of non-winning spins that you get from time to time when playing these games.

On a standard non-progressive slot, what I tend to do in this case (as I usually play low or minimum bet) I will use the autoplay function to play through my standard session of spins and if at the end of that session, I am markedly down compared to usual, I will then change my strategy on my next session (whenever that is).

When this session occurs, which can be days or even weeks after the previous session, I will usually play double the usual stake. My reasoning being that I am unlikely to have two bad runs on succession on a slot and by playing a higher stake in the second session, if I am going to win, I will perhaps recoup a few of the losses of the last session too.

However, one key aspect here is that if in that second session, I am fortunate enough to land a big win, I stop the session at that point and that way I can preserve the value of the win.

On a progressive slot though, I take a slightly different approach and will play the same bet each time as my main priority on that slot is trying to win the progressive jackpot. Also, progressives tend to be far tighter machines than non-progressives, so these losing runs tend to happen more frequently and as such, trying to counter them can prove expensive if you don't land a bigger win in the subsequent session (as often happens).

It is important to note that these strategy tweaks are, in the main, chiefly down tio personal choice, rather than the set-up of the slots requiring a user to change strategy. You can play progressives in exactly the same way as standard slots if you prefer and still enjoy success on them. After all, whether you win or not is in the lap of the gods.

The key thing to remember with any strategy you select to play a progressive or non-progressive slot is that you can afford that strategy and that you enjoy it. Tick both those boxes and you are set to build a healthy attitude towards your slot gaming and hopefully, will reap the benefits that can come with that.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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