The allure of online progressive jackpots

How popular are slots such as the Mega Moolah?

Well, to answer that question you only need to take an example from recent history. In June 2012, online slots were made legal for the first time in Italy, although licenses were not granted until December. The effect upon the revenue generated from online gambling in Italy from December onwards was remarkable. Measured from twelve months previously, when online casinos in Italy without slots generated €10.1 million, in February 2013, this had increased to €18.2 million. This is not an isolated case, it is now widely recognised that in land-bsed casinos, as well their online counterparts, slot machines are the most popular games.

So how has this machine, first invented by Charles Fey in the late nineteenth century, become the most popular form of casino entertainment in the world?

The appeal of online slots

To understand the appeal of slots you first need to understand a key aspect of human nature. It is in our nature to be impatient and to want more, right now. This is the reason why so many lottery winners in the United States take the smaller and heavily taxed lump sum of cash, compared to an annuity payment over many years, which would in actual fact, pay out considerably more.

Additionally, while there are some casino games that rely on chance, there are many, particularly the card games like poker and Blackjack, where highly skilled players can play to a particular strategy to put themselves in a winning position more often. For a player who isn't as skilled at poker, or who may not know the fundamentals of Blackjack strategy, this can be a daunting prospect when entering a casino.

Another issues is that players may be unfamiliar with some of the more common casino games. Craps, while played widely across the United States, is less well known across Europe. The layout of the roulette table can be somewhat unfamiliar with how to place bets, and games like Baccarat, Pai Gow and Sic Bo, while popular in the East, are still gathering momentum with western players.

Yet the online slot is the perfect antidote to all of these issues. If you are lucky enough, it promises a big reward for a relatively small stake. It is a game that requires the player to have no particular skills or strategy to play and each spin offers every player an equal chance of success. Lastly, it is a wonderfully simple game to play: Insert your chosen stake and hit the button, meaning everyone can play instantly. You don't even need to recognise when you have won as the machine will do that, and automatically pay out, for you.

Of course, a glance through history would reveal that slot machines always generate huge popularity. When Charles Fey's first machine Liberty Bell went public, there was a huge demand for the game, so much so that Fey could not supply machines fast enough to the establishments that wanted them for their eager-to-play clientele.

History seems to have repeated itself in Italy earlier this year, but this time, there is another aspect to the online slot which is appealing to players; the allure of the progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpots, the lowdown

In a traditional slot, the player inserts their stake to play. That stake is divided two ways, the majority is pooled to pay out to players who hitting a winning line, and a small percentage goes to the casino as their profit.

That changed when "linked machines", a random number generator (RNG) powered by electronic chips allowed casinos to link several machines to pay a small seed from every spin into a single fund. This development meant that now jackpots could be much higher, with more people playing and many more potential outcomes on each spin.

This is where a slot takes a players stake and divides it into three funds, the two used in a traditional slot, to pay wins and also casino's profit, and a small amount of each stake, which is placed into a progressive pot. Hence, the name progressive jackpot.

King of the progressive games online is Mega Moolah, this game offers winners of its progressive jackpot a chance to become an instant millionaire as its lowest progressive jackpot is one million in the players' currency. So if playing in Pounds then the jackpot will be minimum 1 Million Pounds!

Due to the spread of the Mega Moolah jackpot network to hundreds of online casinos across the internet, and the fact that players can play the game 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the globe, means that the jackpots easily reach into several million. For example the largest win so far in the UK was £5.88 million won with a 30p stake!

It is this chance to win these staggering, life-changing amounts of money that is so appealing and drives slots fans to play the Mega Moolah. It is the self-same process that inspires millions of people across the globe to buy lottery tickets every week.

Remember, with the Mega Moolah every spin represents a much greater opportunity to win than lotto!

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