The Major Millions progressive slot sets new record

At the end of April, one lucky European-based player won the largest ever mobile jackpot in history when they landed an eight million euro win on the famous Mega Moolah slot.

When that happens and after the calculations take into account the amount in the Mega Moolah pot in British Pounds (its initial currency) compared to the size of the win in local currency (in this case, the Euro), then the Mega Moolah jackpot will be reset, with the lowest possible amount in the prize fund being £1,000,000.

Usually, the Mega Moolah Mega Jackpot fund is the largest progressive jackpot prize you can find in Microgaming's wide range of games, but on occasion just after a jackpot is won and the jackpot is reset, you can find that one of Microgaming's other progressive games, one that has not been won for a considerable amount of time, may well offer a bigger progressive prize, albeit usually only for a short period of time.

Well that is exactly what happened following this last record mobile win as with the Mega Moolah jackpot, which reset to just over £1,000,000 (after that big 8,000,000€ million win) that meant that for a short time at least, the biggest Microgaming progressive jackpot available was in the Major Millions slot.

What is Major Millions?

Although Major Millions jackpot was larger than Mega Moolah's for just a few days, it is worth taking a look at this slot as its jackpot is now at a record level. This means that the next lucky winner of this progressive jackpot fund will take home the largest ever payout on the slot, which currently sits at around the £1.8m mark and increasing every day.

This amount is a record for the Major Millions slot. Back in May of 2012 a player won 1.8 million, and change, but since then the jackpot has not been anywhere near these numbers.

Major Millions is a 15 payline slot where you get to wager coins of a fixed value of £0.20 on between 1 and 15 of the available paylines. However, to stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot you need to play all 15 paylines as the jackpot is won when you land three of the Major Millions Wild symbols on the 15th payline.

Major Millions is available in both a 3-reel and a 5-reel version (which is the game we've been focusing on in this review) and both of these games pay into the same jackpot fund. Land the progressive jackpot on either game and you will be celebrating the biggest ever win on the slot if you are the next lucky winner.

The theme of the slot is the army and the slot has a rich history, first being released as a 3-reel progressive way back in 2000. Although simplistic in nature, the fact that this was an easy slot to play and for a price of just £3 offered you the chance to win a life-changing amount of money, hugely appealed to slot players back in the day. That appeal has never faltered and indeed, since the 5-reel version was released, it has only increased as more and more slot gamers try their luck at hitting that top jackpot prize.

The presentation of the slot is simplistic but given that this slot is now several years old, that is perhaps only to be expected. This was developed in the days before broadband, and the lot, so what you have here is a game designed to play well in the days of dial up and as such, its simple nature means it may look a little dated now, but the inherent appeal of a slot that offers big money wins remains as relevant now as it ever was.

The graphics are all based on an army theme with tanks, binoculars, a fighter plane, ammunition, the Major's cap and similar other symbols on the reels. The Major Millions logo, as we have already mentioned, acts as the in game wild and can substitute for symbols to create winning paylines. There is also a scatter symbol (which is an explosion) which offers a bonus payment based on the number of symbols you land. The more scatters landed, the greater the multiplier applied to your base stake as your win.

The next few weeks is the time when you could be the largest ever Major Millions jackpot winner with the progressive prize now standing at over £1.8m and increasing all the time. With most jackpot wins hitting around the £500,000 mark, sometimes even lower, it is indeed a rare thing for the jackpot to have climbed so high on this popular slot.

Of course, that means that over the coming days and weeks an increasing number of players will be playing the game in the hope of landing that life-changing win. While nobody knows when the jackpot will be won, or by whom, the only thing that is certain is that it will be won and it will likely be won soon.

The Mega Moolah jackpot has already climbed well above Major Millions, as is expected, but no doubt Major Millions will at this rate attract plenty of punters. Who knows, you could be Microgaming's next record jackpot winner on one of its most venerable and popular progressive jackpot slots.

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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