The Mega Moolah Jackpot Bonus Game explained

The one thing that everybody wants to know from the moment that they play their first spin on the Mega Moolah slot, is how to trigger that potentially mind-blowing Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot prize, that is always a minimum of 1,000,000 and often worth many millions more.

Now as anybody who has played the game knows, the key to unlocking the progressive jackpot doesn't come from simply playing the base game and hitting a certain sequence of symbols on a stated pay line (as is the case in other top progressives like Major Millions or King Cashalot).

Instead, with Mega Moolah you are reliant on two things to stand a chance of the biggest progressive jackpot prize. Firstly, you need to be spinning the reels and playing the game (which from 0.25 per spin isn't unduly expensive) and secondly, you need a little of slice of luck to be with you as you need to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game on any of the spins you make playing the slot.

How does the Jackpot Bonus Game trigger?

On every spin of Mega Moolah for every player around the globe playing the game, a piece of software called a Random Number Generator will click into action. This is the heart of the Mega Moolah slot and within its billions of potential possible combinations are a select few that when the program selects them at random, the player on that spin will get a shot at the Jackpot Bonus Game.

Now your chances of landing the Jackpot Bonus Game on a particular spin are small, but in truth, they have to be that way otherwise the jackpot would be triggered too often and the game would be unprofitable (plus the prizes would be considerably smaller, which does diminish the appeal of the game).

So if you manage to get lucky on a base game spin in Mega Moolah and trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game, what can you expect to see?

What do I do on the Jackpot Bonus Game?

The great thing about the Jackpot Bonus Game on the Mega Moolah slot is that once you have activated the bonus, you are guaranteed to win one of the four different progressive jackpots available. These are:

  • Mini - Starts at 10.00
  • Minor - Starts at 100.00
  • Major - Starts at 10,000
  • Mega - Starts at 1,000,000

These jackpots are displayed next to the Jackpot Bonus Game wheel and you will notice that in the middle of the reel is a large Mega Moolah lion paw symbol and to the left of the wheel, is a pointer. To the left of this is the Spin button.

You don't need to do anything in this game other than hit the Spin button. This will set the reel in motion.

See screenshots of the game here.

You will also notice that the sectors on the wheel are all different colours. These correspond to one of the four progressive jackpot prizes available on the reel. You will also notice that there are more sectors in the colours of the Mini or Minor jackpots than there are for the Major and Mega jackpot prizes (for obvious reasons!).

Once the Wheel is set spinning and then comes to a halt, the colour of the sector that you have won will determine the prize you win. If you are lucky enough to hit that single white sector, then that is when you can really celebrate as you will have won the Mega Moolah top progressive prize. However, winning the Major jackpot is no mean feat either as these prizes can often be worth tens of thousands to the lucky winner.

Do I really have a 1 in 20-odd chance of the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot prize?

It is always exciting to have triggered the Jackpot Bonus Game on the Mega Moolah slot, and when you see the wheel on screen, you will probably feel like you stand a good chance of winning one of the top prizes.

After all, there are only a relatively small number of sectors on the wheel and if you view them at the odds based on the sectors alone than you probably have around a 1 in 25 to 1 in 30 chance of landing the jackpot prize. Or do you?

In actual fact, the Jackpot Wheel displayed on screen is simply a representation of the calculations going on in the Random Number Generator which is the real process that will decide whether or not your spin of the wheel is a winner.

Now as we have mentioned before, the Random Number Generator works on billions of probabilities and of course, this is the same not just for spinning the reels in the base game, but also for the Mega Moolah Jackpot Bonus round.

So while it may look like on screen you have a relatively high chance of landing the top progressive jackpot prize, when you look behind that and realise that the wheel is simply used as a method to show the result of the RNG result, your chances of winning the Mega jackpot are much smaller than the wheel suggests.

That may be disappointing, but it has to be that way. To divide the Wheel up into segments that reflected your real chances of landing the Mega or Major prizes on the Mega Moolah Bonus Game would be impossible and impractical.

In addition, given that the Mega Moolah Bonus Game is triggered quite often, you could not have such a massive top progressive prize or even a sizeable Major jackpot prize, if those prizes were going to be award every 30 or 50 triggers of the bonus game.

It is important to note this as the Jackpot Bonus Game is simply the way Mega Moolah chooses to represent the outcome of the results of the RNG. It is not a reflection of your actual chances of winning the top jackpot prizes. Once you. understand this, then it is easy to understand why the game can continue to offer huge prizes for its winners and why it is the World Record holder for the largest online slot progressive jackpot payout for an individual.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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