What is the best new player bonus for a Mega Moolah fan like me?

When you are taking a look at the different offers available from a casino, it is tempting to think that regardless of how much you are going to deposit, the value of the starter offers available tend to work out about the same.

After all, if you are depositing just 10 pounds, euros or dollars, and your initial bonus offer is a 100% Matched Deposit bonus of up to 500, then you will still get 10 in bonus funds at this casino, or if you joined a casino with a 100% Matched Deposit bonus offer up to 1,000.

We will use the pounds symbol in this article but the offers are available in multiple currencies, incl. euro and dollars.

While that can be true in some cases, it is not really true in all. Furthermore, the amount of money one individual is going to deposit at a casino initially, either in a single lump sum, or in a number of installments, can vary greatly. This includes players who make very small deposits and tend to make the minimum bets on games, to those who are genuine high rollers and will think nothing of depositing thousands into their account and playing games for much higher amounts.

What is equally apparent here is that the needs of a player playing for smaller stakes, in terms of a starter bonus, are going to be different to that of a player who plays for medium or higher stakes. This is precisely why casinos tend to offer a range of different bonuses, so they appeal to certain types of player based on their betting habits.

In this article, we are going to take a look at which is the best offer for typical Mega Moolah slot fans based on how much they tend to deposit and play with on the site. With the aim being to try and pick out which is the best possible deal for each band of customer, based on their total deposit and standard spending amount in a typical session on the popular Microgaming progressive.

To do this, we have broken down players into four categories. Those who play for minimum bet amounts and make what we have termed 'micro deposits'. Then there are three categories for players that make small, medium and larger deposits at the casino.

The aim for each being that we will bring you at least one, if not more, new player bonus deals which are more suited to this particular type of Mega Moolah player.

So let's begin by taking a look at the players who tend to play for just 0.25 per spin and for whom maximising the value of their initial deposit matters the most, the micro-stakes Mega Moolah player.

  • Micro Deposit (£1 - £10)

If you are someone looking to play Mega Moolah relatively cheaply and only have a small amount to invest in your gaming initially, then the great news is that there are three fantastic offers available for you, which require deposits ranging from just £1 up to £10 maximum.

Just a £1 deposit with Zodiac Casino will mean you receive a bonus cash amount of £10.00 and you can then use this money, along with your £1 deposit, to play through 80 Spins on the Mega Moolah slot (with an extra four 0.25p spins using your deposit cash). That is 84 chances to win the Mega Moolah slot for just a £1 deposit.

For a slightly larger deposit of just £5, then you should head to Captain Cook's Casino where your £5 deposit will see you receive £25 in bonus cash, which you can then use to play through 100 0.25p spins on Mega Moolah. Spend your £5 deposit on the game too and this means you can play through 150 spins for just £5 of your own money.

Finally, make a £10 deposit at Grand Mondial Casino and you will receive bonus cash totalling £37.50 as your reward for signing up. This will allow you the chance to play through 150 spins on the Mega Moolah slot using the bonus cash alone. Add your £10 deposit to this and this means you will get 230 Spins of the Mega Moolah slot for just £10.00.

If you are based outside of the UK, then there are some additional low-deposit offers available to you at the likes of Jackpot City Casino where a $€10 deposit will get 120 spins on the Mega Moolah. These offers though are not available to anybody residing in the UK unfortunately.

These low-deposit required offers are massively popular with Mega Moolah fans as they offer you many more spins on the slot for your money thanks to the generous bonus terms. It is also worth noting that Zodiac Casino, Captain Cook's Casino and Grand Mondial Casino all offer additional Matched Deposit Bonuses across your second (or other subsequent) deposits too, which can increase the value of your bonus over time.

  • Small Deposit (£11 - £100)

In truth, if you are going to make a smaller deposit then the only casino I would consider are the trio listed above and just one other. That casino is Quatro Casino and there is a very good reason why I would take this offer if I was making a deposit in the £11 to £100 range.

That's because this casino offers a fantastic deal which not only includes seven days worth of Free Spins (with Free Spins divided up equally each day), but it also offers a 100% Deposit Bonus on your first deposit too.

The minimum deposit you can make for this bonus is £10 and the maximum is £100, and for every £1 you deposit initially, you will receive one free spin per £1 on each of your first seven days of membership at Quatro Casino.

So if you deposit £100 into your account, you get 700 Free Spins in total, with 100 Free Spins each day of your 7 days of membership. In addition to that, you will also receive a £100 Matched Deposit bonus, which will be placed into your bonus account.

The one disappointment for Mega Moolah lovers is that your Free Spins bonus must be used on the named slots as part of the offer. You can't use them on any other games other than the stated seven slot games. However, that is not too bad a thing as the games you can play your Free Spins on include some of Microgaming's most classic slot games:

  • Day One - Immortal Romance
  • Day Two - Avalon
  • Day Three - Reel Gems
  • Day Four - Casino Rewards Millionaires Club
  • Day Five - Golden Princess
  • Day Six - Mega Money Multiplier
  • Day Seven - Forbidden Throne

However, you can play through your deposit and your bonus games on the Mega Moolah slot, which if you make the maximum deposit would mean you would get £200 worth of spins on Mega Moolah for £100, plus 700 spins across the seven slots outlined above. That is a superb value deal for any smaller depositor.

  • Medium Deposit (£101 - £500)

If you have got over £100 as a first deposit when you sign up to a casino, then the smaller value offers may not be that solid a value for you and instead, you may find the freedom of having a Matched Deposit bonus and the ability to spend that bonus on your favourite Microgaming progressive, a far better option.

There are two casinos that offer good value Matched Deposit bonuses of up to £500 when you sign up that are available to UK-based players and in truth, the offers are somewhat similar. So let's break them down and see if any one offers better value than the others.

At Blackjack Ballroom, you can earn up to £500 across your first three deposits with the casino. This comes in the form of a 100% Matched Deposit Bonus on your first deposit of up to £150, a 50% Matched Deposit bonus of up to £200 on your second deposit and a final deposit bonus of 25% of up to £150 on your third deposit. To receive the full deposit bonus at Blackjack Ballroom would require £1150 in deposits across your first three deposits. (£150, £400 and £600).

At Casino Classic you require more deposits in order to realise your £500 maximum bonus amount, however the overall total spend to receive that full bonus is £1,000 (£150 less than Blackjack Ballroom). You receive a 100% Matched Deposit bonus of up to £100 on your first and fifth deposits, with a 50% Matched Deposit of up to £100 on your second and fourth and finally a 25% Matched Deposit bonus on your third deposit. This means that your £1,000 total spend would need to be deposited in five instalments of £100, £200, £400, £200 and £100.

The best choice for you depends on how quickly you want to get at your full bonus. If you want that bonus more quickly, then Blackjack Ballroom may be the better option, however if you are prepared to wait a little longer, then the Casino Classic offer is better value, but you'll need to be a little more patient to access your full bonus.

  • Larger Deposit (£501+)

If you have some serious cash to spend at a casino when you sign up then you'll no doubt want to maximise out any bonus offer you have. The good news is that there are a number of options available for players seeking to deposit over £500 in their first deposit at the casino.

Let's now compare these deposit bonuses by taking a look at how each is structured and the maximum spend you will need to make in order to claim the bonus in full (and the instalments you'll need to make in order to meet the deposit requirements to receive the full bonus).

Up to £1,000 in bonuses across your first five deposits.

This bonus is structured as a 100% Matched Deposit bonus on your first and fifth deposits of up to £150. A 50% Matched Deposit on your second and fourth deposits of up to £200 and a 25% Matched Deposit bonus of up to £300 on your third deposit. To acquire the full bonus at Luxury Casino, you would need to make deposits of £150, £400, £1,200, £400 and £150, for a total deposit amount of £2,300 across five deposits.

Up to £1,000 in bonuses across your first five deposits.

There's no two ways about this, Villento Casino's offer isn't as good value as Luxury Casino. You'll need to spend considerably more (£2,717) to claim your full £1,000 bonus across the same five deposits and the deposit values (100%, 50%, 30%, 20% and 50%) are not as high as you would receive at Luxury Casino.

Up to £1,250 in bonuses across your first five deposits.

The Casino Action offer is the same offer in percentage terms and in number of deposits as the Luxury Casino offer, it is just that for some of the deposit bonuses, you can deposit more to receive a larger bonus. You still get 100% on your first and fifth deposit, 50% on your second and fourth and 25% on your third deposit. However, you would need to make £3,200 worth of deposits (in this order - £150, £400, £2000, £500, £150) in order to claim the bonus in full.

Up to £1,500 in bonuses across your first five deposits

The Golden Tiger Casino offer is very similar to Vilento Casino's bonus structure but again, you can deposit more money on your third and fourth deposits in particular to realise a £500 bigger bonus, however to do that you would need to make £4,967 worth of deposits across your five deposits and that is a lot of extra money for just an extra £500 in bonuses.

For me, the Luxury Casino offer is the best value deal here as although it offers a smaller bonus amount, it is a smaller total spend than at any of the other three casinos.

So when you have decided how much you want to deposit to play Mega Moolah, you can also check out our rewards page to find the best value deal for you!

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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