Tiger Woods' Masters success earns him Mega Moolah!

Last weekend we saw the return of one the greatest sporting legends of all-time back into the big time. After years of fighting injury and having potentially career-ending surgery on his back just a couple of years ago, Tiger Woods has collected his 15th Major win of an illustrious career with a sensational and emotional victory at Augusta this past weekend.

However, it wasn't just the first Major victory since Woods won the US Open back in 2008, his 108th professional win, or the fact that he has now claimed five Green Jackets as his own that will make the win memorable. Woods also became the very first player in the history of the Masters tournament to earn over $2 million for his victory.

Last year Patrick Reed earned just shy of $2m when landing the top prize, but with an increase of prize money for the 2019 tournament pushing the total pay-out from $11m up to $11.5 million, this means that Wood's share (18% of the total purse) meant he becomes the first Masters Champion to earn over that $2 million barrier. $2.08 million to be exact.

So, while this is a huge amount of money for the average person to comprehend, in the terms of the very wealthy, Woods' win is somewhat modest. A recent Mega Moolah winner won a Canadian Dollar prize of over CA$20 million, which equates to just shy of $15 million in US Dollars, a figure 7.5 times more than Woods earned for his four days' work at Augusta.

However, for Woods himself, money is unlikely to be any motivating factor at all considering the vast wealth he has accrued across his amazing career. Let's take a quick look at Tiger's success and how much cash it has brought to him.

Tiger Woods Career

  • PGA Tour - 81 wins
  • European Tour - 41 wins
  • Japan Golf. Tour - 2 wins
  • Asian Tour - 1 win
  • Australian Tour - 1 win
  • Other Tour Wins - 16 wins
  • Total wins as a professional - 108

Major Championhips

  • The Masters (5) - 1997, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2019
  • US Open (3) - 2000, 2002, 2008
  • The Open (3) - 2000, 2005, 2006
  • PGA Championship (4) - 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007

Career Earnings (PGA Tour Wins)

Since his first year as a professional in 1996, Tiger woods has earned a total of $115,504,853 in prize money from the USPGA Tour alone. That makes him the highest earning player ever on the US PGA Tour, earning $28 million more than the next player on the list, his rival and friend Phil Mickelson.

However what is truly astonishing is that although Woods vast sum from wins on the US PGA Tour is a massive amount, it is dwarfed when you add into that the amount he has received from sponsors and endorsement deals over the years. His well-publicised deal with Nike made him one of the highest earning sportsmen of all-time and he has many other sponsors too including TaylorMade, Bridgestone, Monster Energy, Hero MotoCorp and Kowa.

Add all these deals together with all the other sponsorship deals, appearance fees and the like that Woods has earned since turning professional in 1996 and Forbes magazine estimates that Woods has earned over $1.5 billion in prize money over that period. Which means that less than 10% of Woods wealth is derived from prize money.

Of course, Woods does not possess that wealth solely. His acrimonious divorce from his wife Erin Nordgren in 2010 will have severely dented his finances, but not enough for him to consider leaving his executive home on the exclusive Jupiter Island in Florida.

What is truly incredible though is that in the period from 2014 to 2018, when Woods was out of the game for long periods through injury and dropped out of the world's top 1000 ranked golfers, he was still earning huge amounts of money each year through his sponsorship deals alone. In 2018, Forbes reckoned he earned $43.3 million, despite only returning to the tour during that year and playing a reduced schedule as a result.

To put that into terms a Mega Moolah player would understand. That is like being sponsored to play Mega Moolah, not playing the game for three years through injury and then still picking up the equivalent of three $15 million dollar Mega Moolah jackpot wins per year, for each of those three years that you don't play the game.

What is Wood's Motivation?

For most people, especially those that play Mega Moolah or who play lottery games offering massive prizes, their motivation is simple. They want to win a large amount of money to make their lives better and more comfortable and to afford the things in life that they may previously have not been able to afford.

For top sportsmen like Woods though, a different motivation is required. With over a billion already banked throughout his career, Woods is never going to be motivated solely by the $2.08 million top prize available at the Masters. Indeed, most if not all of the golfers competing at the Masters this year are likely to be millionaires, some with considerably more money than others for sure, but most if not all will have more than enough cash to make the top cash prize barely worth considering.

What does motivate Woods and other top players however is a desire to prove yourself the best against the very best of your peers. Woods did that for the first time in 11 years at Augusta this past weekend. It is also worth noting that this 15th Major Win of Tiger's career also moves him closer to Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 Major titles in his career, which is certainly another goal that Woods will have as a motivating factor over the coming years.

Woods also needs redemption in the eyes of many. His indiscretions with other women saw his wife divorce him in 2010 and he was also arrested for being under the influence a few years back. Focusing on what he is good at, and not the negative sides of his private life, is something Woods is also keen to do.

Woods main motivation though must surely be to go down as the greatest golfer of all time. Many already see him as that and while he is certainly the wealthiest golfer of all time, four more Major victories over the coming years could well see him become the undisputed greatest golfer that has ever lived, if he is not already.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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