What are some of the top strategic tips to try to win Mega Moolah?

In March 2019, the Mega Moolah slot paid out two lucky winners in the space of 24 hours. Although rare, it is entirely possible for the Mega Moolah slot to do this (we have even had two winners in one day before, which occurred twice).

However, on the flip side of that coin, is the fact that the Mega Moolah slot can go weeks and months without paying out its largest Mega progressive prize. Of course, such discrepancies in the amount of time in between wins, and also with the size of each win, means that it can be a very difficult game for people to strategize effectively to play.

Having said that, it is not impossible, if you know how the game works and what the relationship is between the size of the bet you make and the chances that gives you of triggering the Jackpot Bonus game, the key to standing a chance of winning one of the Mega Moolah's progressive prizes.

Before I give you my guide to playing Mega Moolah more successfully, I must make it clear that I am not going to provide you with any of the following:

  • A sure-fire way to win

Mega Moolah is never a sure thing. You can win on any spin, but you are far more likely not to. There's no strategy in the world that can alter this. Nothing is ever sure on any casino game and if you bear this in mind when playing, it does give the game greater sense and makes you understand why it has been designed in this particular way.

  • Any cheats, glitches or similar that will get you wins or free spins

There are still some people who think it is possible to cheat a game like Mega Moolah. Even in the massively unlikely event that you did discover a way to do this, when the game is checked following the win, then Microgaming would not pay out the winner as it is clear in the games terms and conditions that any win owing to a glitch, fault, cheat or exploit in the game will not be paid out.

  • BUT I can offer you a chance to get some great value for money spins!

The only way you can get some good value spins is to sign up with one of MegaMoolah.com's offers. There are plenty of options to claim a certain number of spins for a very small deposit. So head on over to the Where to Play page and check out the casinos offering fabulous starter bonuses to spin the Mega Moolah.

If you have not yet signed up with any of these casinos, I would urge you to do so using the offers available as they offer the best and most cost-effective way to start playing on Mega Moolah and you will get a lot more spins for your money early on in your Mega Moolah journey.

Note that these offers are dependent on where you are living. In some countries these offers may not be available (although a different offer may well be). The way MegaMoolah.com works is that it detects your location and offers relevant information. For example if you are visiting from a country from where you cannot play Mega Moolah (due to gambling regulation) then you will not see any offers.

Indeed, there are several countries where there are strict anti-gambling laws and signing up is not possible. But the good news is that Mega Moolah is available from most countries.

So once you have signed up and are ready to play, what other strategies should you employ?

  • Decide how you want to spend your Mega Moolah fund

Let's assume you have a fund of £25 (or another currency equivalent) to spend playing Mega Moolah in one session. What is the best possible way you can spend that money to give you the best chance of triggering the Jackpot Bonus game?

The truth of the matter is, you have freedom of choice when it comes to playing through your cash and that is because of how your chances of landing the Jackpot Bonus game increase or decrease proportionally compared to the size of your bet.

Let's simplify this with an example, say you decide to play 100 x 0.25 spins on the Mega Moolah slot with your money. This is the minimum bet you can win with playing the game and as such, this bet has the least chance of triggering the bonus game on each spin.

If you decided to wager 50 x 0.50 spins with your £25, then you would have fewer spins, but on each spin you would have twice the amount of chance of triggering the Jackpot Bonus game. Similarly, if you decided to play through 25 x £1 spins on the slot, then you would have 4x as much chance of triggering the bonus game than on a comparable spin for 0.25.

As you can see, it is therefore entirely your choice how you prefer to play Mega Moolah with your bankroll and your chances to trigger the jackpot bonus wheel remain the same whatever way you play.

What doesn't remain the same are your chances of winning cash in the base game and it is this which should be your primary consideration here. I am a firm believer that having more spins on a slot offers you more chances to win the base game, even if fewer spins at a higher wager price, could mean higher value wins.

As such, given that I want to try and make a little money back when using my cash, I would always elect to play the 100 spins at 0.25 per game as I think my chances of making cash back from the base game are better than I would have if I played 25 spins at £1 per spin, or 50 spins at 0.50 per spin.

The base game is VERY important in Mega Moolah and is often overlooked far too easily. Landing the Free Spins bonus can lead to some sizeable wins and help bolster your funds in your account, so maximising every opportunity to win in the base game, while chasing that jackpot bonus game, should be your key priority.

  • Target when to play Mega Moolah

Again, this is a tip which varies from person to person and it is one that there is no right or wrong approach to, it is all down to your own personal choice and good fortune.

As we all know, the Mega Moolah jackpot can increase a great deal before being won, or it can be won a short time after being triggered. It is possible for the Mega Moolah jackpot to be won on any spin, anywhere in the world, any time after the last win. So, you need to move away from thoughts that the Mega Moolah slot "won't pay out as it's just paid out a big winner" or "is going to pay out as it hasn't done so for a while now'. The game does not understand those concepts and it will pay out only when the Random Number Generator (RNG) produces the correct generation of numbers to pay out the win.

However, you can use the size of the Mega Moolah jackpot to ensure that you play the game when you feel it will be the most exciting and enjoyable for you. Would any jackpot win above 1 million be your choice, or are you not bothered what the jackpot size is but want to play the game regularly anyway? Then if this is the case, you can play pretty much as and when you want (provided you remain a responsible gambler of course and don't bet more than you can afford).

Alternatively, though, if you are someone who wants to play Mega Moolah more often when the jackpot starts to creep up to the higher amounts, then you should wait until the jackpot does increase to an amount you would be excited to win and play the game then. There's no guarantee of course that the jackpot will be won then, but it can be more exciting knowing you are playing for a prize of, say 10 million, rather than 2 or 3 million.

Some people like to play for the jackpot prize once it has gone past the average pay-out amount on the game, when the 'Expected Value' of the slot is positive. That's fine, but it should be remembered that the slot is as likely to pay out below the average pay-out amount, as it is above it and by waiting until this point you run the risk of missing out on the chance to win some of the smaller jackpots that can be won relatively frequently in the game. The 13 wins in 2017 being a great example of how these smaller jackpots can be triggered relatively often.

  • Stick to your budget - don't overspend and keep any winnings for a future session

Good practice for any slot, but especially for Mega Moolah where the size of the jackpot can see you get "Mega Moolah mania", is the ability to keep a cool head and only play the number of spins you budgeted for in the session.

As such, if you land any wins in the session, keep this money in reserve for your next session, rather than spending it as additional spins in this. Having this control over how you play and spend your cash, promotes positive habits when slot gaming in general and especially on Mega Moolah where that progressive jackpot prize can be very tempting.

Adopting a sensible, affordable and practical approach to playing Mega Moolah over the longer term is the best way to approach the game, as is always being aware that there is more to the slot than just that massive progressive prize. It is entirely possible to enjoy successful sessions on Mega Moolah without ever triggering the jackpot bonus game. As such, treat Mega Moolah like you would a standard slot, budget sensibly and affordably and control your spending and you will not go far wrong.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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