What are the payment methods I can use to play Mega Moolah from Russia?

Привет! to Russian fans of the Mega Moolah slot, which are growing in number. With huge jackpots available on the Mega Moolah it's no wonder why.

In fact there were two huge jackpots awarded within the space of 24-hours of each other just last month in March 2019, not to mention the largest ever numeric value pay out of over CA$20 million at the start of the year, it is little wonder that Mega Moolah's fame is growing around the globe.

Many Russian casino players have headed on over to MegaMoolah.com to discover which of the top Microgaming casinos are available for them to join and to discover what great value bonus offers lie in wait for them once they do.

Signing up with a casino is easy, but it is another when it comes to actually depositing cash into your account to claim your bonus, this can be one of the more restrictive aspects of signing up to a casino. Some countries, for example, only offer a relatively small number of options to sign up, whereas with others you can have a wide choice of different options to join.

So if you are based in Russia, what are the best ways you can use to find your casino account to enjoy the best that MegaMoolah.com casinos have to offer?

The best payment methods for Russian slot fans

So you have signed up from Russia and now want to know what is the best method to pay for your casino gaming. There are currently five excellent banking options available to you and we will look at them in more detail below.

Please note, we are not recommending any of these options above any of the others. What is the best option for you may be different to that of another Russian player, so a little research about each of the payment methods is a good idea before you decide which one you want to use for your gaming needs.

  • WebMoney

WebMoney is a perfect one-stop shop that allows users to select a number of different ways to pay for their casino games (as well as other items online) by linking to their bank account. The site has more than 38 million users worldwide and boasts around 10,000 new registrations each day. You can access the site using Windows, OS X, BlackBerry and Android devices, with mobile-friendly apps available for Apple and Android devices.

Once you have logged in and created your account, you then need to link your bank account to your WebMoney account. This then sees you create a WebMoney account through which the transactions will be completed.

You can add funds to your WebMoney account in a number of ways, using a prepaid card for example, or even by making a deposit at one of the outlets available across Russia. This can allow you to stock your account with funds, however if your account balance is zero and you make a purchase, then WebMoney will access your bank account to ensure the transaction is a success.

WebMoney is a great option if you are confident you have excellent online security in place to protect your details and you are confident when using the Internet and your bank account to make purchases and other financial transactions.

  • Yandex

Yandex is like a pared down version of the WebMoney service and the good news for Russian customers who are a little wary of having their bank details linked to an online account, is that Yandex does not require you to link your bank account to your Yandex account.

Instead, when you open a Yandex account, you must then load that account with funds either by a bank transfer, credit or debit cards or any of the other methods which Yandex accepts payment from for Russian customers.

Once your Yandex account has been loaded with funds, then you can use your e-wallet to make purchases including registering for online casinos.

Yandex is a great option if you are a little concerned about your privacy online and would prefer to use a third-party e-wallet service that is not linked to your personal banking account.

  • Moneta

Moneta is another e-wallet service that allows Russian players to make payments for their goods in a number of ways. You can use your Moneta e-wallet to pay for a massive amount of items, not just casino gaming, as the site also offers the ability to pay for mobile communications, internet services as well as your utility bills online.

Once you have registered, you can load your Moneta account with funds in a number of different ways including using other e-wallet services (such as Yandex), credit and debit cards, bank transfer or even paying in at certain banks and similar establishments.

After you have loaded your Moneta account with funds, you can then use it to fund your online gaming and complete other transactions as you would any other e-wallet service.

  • Qiwi

All you need to create an e-wallet with the Qiwi service is a phone number as the payments to and from your wallet are made using your mobile phone contract service. This is a very quick and secure method of payment to use online and seeing as it is aimed primarily at the mobile generation, it is also one of the more convenient services to use.

One other added bonus of opening a Qiwi account is that transactions at certain establishments will qualify for up to 25% cashback, which is a nice way of earning a little back based on what you spend.

Qiwi wallet is a quick and easy way for mobile players especially to sign up and have instant access to funds.

  • Bitcoin

The other alternative for Russian players is to get a bitcoin wallet and then purchase some bitcoins to add to the wallet. With a brand new bitcoin casino available, you can now play a massive selection of Microgaming slots using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Of course, the down side is that bitcoin is a very volatile market and you could see the value of your coins drop, as well as rise over time, but if you are interested in just using a small amount of bitcoin to fund your slot gaming, then it is a very quick and easy way to pay for your slots without having to use any of the other services above.

Furthermore, we'd expect to see more casinos offering bitcoin as payment over the coming years, so it is a payment option that should have many more options for Russian players in years to come.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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