What is the Mega Jackpot Tracker - how does it work on MegaMoolah.com?

If you were keeping an eye on the size of the Mega Moolah jackpot recently, when one lucky player landed a record-busting €18.9 million jackpot prize, then the likelihood is that you will have been paying close attention to one of the most useful pieces of information you will find on MegaMoolah.com.

What we are referring to is the Mega Jackpot Tracker and in its simplest form, this is a record of the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot wins (or rather, the largest of the four different progressive jackpot prizes available on the slot, the Mega Jackpot prize). The Mega Jackpot Tracker shows statistics and graphs of all of the Mega Jackpots won per year, amounts paid out to winners, the hit frequency, and the average jackpots won per year.

In this article, we'll explore how the tracker works.

What is the Jackpot Tracker for Mega Moolah and why is it useful?

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slot game from Microgaming and it is unusual because it not only has four different progressive jackpot prizes, but the largest of these, the Mega Jackpot, has a minimum seed value of 1,000,000 British Pounds. This means that this is one of just a handful of slots that is guaranteed to have a top jackpot payout of over 1,000,000 every time it is triggered.

However, over time that jackpot can grow markedly in size, the biggest ever win being the €18.9 million (£16.6 million) win that came in September 2018. To help promote the game and to also allow interested parties see what the current size of that huge prize fund is, we decided to create the Mega Jackpot Tracker. The tracker, as the name suggests, tracks the amount of money in the jackpot fund at any one time.

As a tool for Mega Moolah and the websites that host the game and promote it, the Mega Jackpot Tracker is a great way to popularise the game and show people just how much could be won when playing it. For the slots gamer, it is a simple and easy way to see how much is in the prize fund and can be a great way to tempt people into playing a few spins, especially when the jackpot prize is particularly high and has not been won for a sustained period of time.

The Mega Jackpot Tracker can be a useful indicator too of how long it has been in between wins. In general, when the jackpot is at a lower amount, then it is likely that it will have been won relatively recently. When it is at a much higher amount, it indicates that the jackpot may not have been won for some time.

However, these are only general rules of thumb and there are times when the jackpot can be won and due to the way that the jackpots are applied in different countries and currencies, it may remain relatively high once a jackpot has been paid.

For example, if the jackpot was paid in New Zealand Dollars and a player triggered the jackpot at 5 million, then 5 million NZD in GBP equates to around half, so £2.5 million. This means that with the base currency of the Mega Moolah jackpot being pounds, that even after this jackpot is paid, there would still be around £2.5 million in the "kitty" ready for the next winner.

It is important to note therefore that if a winner is paid in Euros, Dollars, Kronas or indeed any other currency other than the British Pound, then the equivalent amount of that win in pounds is deducted from the progressive jackpot fund and what remains in the pot will be the new jackpot seed amount.

Of course, if the winner lands their prize in British Pounds, then they win the entire Mega Moolah progressive jackpot and then the jackpot will reset to the seed amount of £1 million.

Due to the differences in currencies the Mega Jackpot Tracker page does not display currencies, it only shows the jackpot values as numbers. This way we do not need to do complicated and historical currency exchanges. To see the actual currency of each Mega Jackpot that has been won visit the Winners page instead.

What's on the Mega Jackpot Tracker page?

The large line graph at the top of the page displays all the Mega Jackpot wins that have been won over the selected year. You can toggle the year from the pulldown menu on the right side of the graph.

Below the graph is a table showing the Mega Jackpot amounts won, and the time and date when it was won. As previously mentioned, these are not in any particular currency. The Mega Moolah can be played in variety of currencies from GBP, USD, CAD, NZD, EUR, Kr, and BTC, so it's not practical to convert these values into a single currency.

The time of each jackpot won is UTC time, which stands for Coordinated Universal Time. The difference between Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is that GMT is a time zone and UTC is a time standard. UTC is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time so it's the preferred time to use when creating data pages such as the Mega Jackpot Tracker.

Below the table showing the amounts, time and dates won, there are two tables displayed only on the main page; one showing the amounts won and the number of wins since 2007, the the other showing the averages of jackpots won for the entire year and the hit frequency, since 2007.

The 'Table of the Total Mega Jackpot Amounts Won and the Number of Wins' shows the total jackpot value for the entire year and how many wins in total there were in that year. The 'Table of the Average Mega Jackpots won and Hit Frequency' shows the average jackpot value for the entire year and what was the hit frequency in between jackpots.

From this data you can see that the amounts and number of wins have increased dramatically, and the hit frequency has decreased. From this one can conclude that the Mega Moolah has become quite popular in recent year

If you go to a 'year' page such as 2018 you will a slightly different data to what's on the main jackpot page. On the 2018 page you will see data related only to that year. The same goes for any other year page.


The Mega Jackpot Tracker is an easy way to keep track of the Mega Mega progressive and how it has paid out.

We will continue to develop the Mega Jackpot Tracker and hopefully offer our visitors more stats to looks at in the near future... tata for now.

Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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