What would an eight million Mega Moolah jackpot win buy you nowadays?

With the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot prize smashing through the eight million barrier, just a few months after the world record €18.9 million jackpot World Record payout, it is fair to say that's lot players are trying their luck on the game to try and become the next big multi-millionaire winner of Microgaming's most popular slot.

Of course, eight million in any currency is a lot of money, but it is worth the greatest amount, relatively speaking, should the jackpot be won in British Pounds. As such, we are now going to pose the rather wonderful question that someday soon, one lucky Mega Moolah player may be asking themselves.

Namely; what does £8m actually buy you nowadays?

Of course, after the thrill of landing the win and going through the formalities of checking your claim with the casino and of course claiming the prize, then assuming you are going to pay off all your debts and whatnot, even with all that done and perhaps a holiday thrown into the bargain, you are going to have barely made a dent into your new-found wealth.

So assuming that you have sorted out all your personal finances and your claim has been verified and the money is sat in your account waiting to be spent or invested, what could you spend your money on?

  • Property

With a big win many people will opt to sell their current home and try and buy the home of their dreams. Others may be more ambitious and want to buy a plot of land and have an architect plan and build their ideal home from scratch.

However, if you are more than happy with your current abode, then you may want to consider buying a holiday home and with such a hefty budget, you could elect for something a little more spectacular. There are plenty of Islands available around the world, some with their own properties already built, which you can buy for under £1,000,000, while spending a little more will see you land an even bigger island in some of the most beautiful places in the world including North and Central America, Europe and the Indian Ocean.

Alternatively, if you fancy having Hollywood superstars as your neighbours, then there are any number of properties available in the Hollywood Hills region, including a French Renaissance inspired 17th century five-bedroom, five-bathroom mansion house, with its own pool and barbecue area, all of which will set you back around $5.8 million (£4.5 million).

In truth, with such a health budget, you are sure to find the home of your dreams in whatever part of the world takes your fancy.

  • Cars

There's any choice of car available to you now with some of the most expensive cars, worth several million apiece, perhaps being the only ones you would think twice about buying.

Certainly, top marques like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley and top of the range vehicles from the likes of Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW and similar would all be well within your budget, and with plenty to spend you could afford to optimise them and decorate them in any way you see fit too.

In truth, you could probably buy a couple of the very best cars for special occasions and then have a smaller, more economical runaround vehicle for day-to-day use. Many stars in Hollywood may own ostentatious cars, but you will often find they use economical vehicles, including electrically powered cars and hybrids, to get about town.

Of course, if cars are not your thing then you can also look at some top of the range customised motorcycles from the likes of Harley Davidson which again, would hardly put too big a dent in your finances, even if you were to go for a complete chopper build-up.

  • Fashion

With a bulging bank account, you'd have plenty of cash to spend on your wardrobe too and as such, you would be able to see the best of what is available in the fashion hot spots of the world, such as Milan, London and New York.

So whether that is spending a fortune on Louboutins, a diamond encrusted iPhone, or exclusive designer wear that only the rich and famous can afford, your new lifestyle would afford you the chance to look as stylish as your bank account is grand.

Remember too, for the cash savvy, once you have decided an item is no longer for you, there is always eBay on which to list your designed gear which will still fetch a decent price even second hand.

  • Other Accessories

Alongside your home, vehicle of choice and clothes, your £8m windfall would allow you to invest in a number of other items. Maybe a swimming pool, snooker room or gymnasium for your home? Or perhaps plenty of gardens for you to build your own fishing pond, or even your own miniature golf course, which will allow you to sharpen up your game before venturing out onto the course.

Several thousand pounds will also buy you a specially trained guard dog to watch over your property when you are away, or otherwise engaged. Something that many Premier League footballers have invested in over recent times.

Then of course there is your down time, which you would have a lot more of if you were not having to work full time. You would of course be able to afford holidays to the glitziest and most glamorous places, the kind of resorts which only the extremely wealthy and/or famous can usually afford to attend.

However, perhaps the most prudent use of a significant percentage of your total £8m win would be to invest that capital so that it starts to earn you interest which you can then use as your living wage over the next few years. By investing your cash wisely and using the returns, you would ensure that your once in a lifetime win does indeed last you a lifetime.

That would then give you the time and opportunity you need to live life to the full.

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Byline: This article was published by Mega Moolah expert Henry. Media and other enquiries.

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