Which Microgaming progressive jackpot games pay out most often?

One thing that many people overlook when considering playing progressive jackpot games is that not all games of this type are the same. Some games, such as Mega Moolah, will hog the headlines generally because they offer sizeable jackpot prizes that offer the lucky winner instant wealth and a life-changing amount of money.

However, there are a number of other games available from Microgaming that allow the player to try and win smaller progressive jackpot prizes on a far more frequent basis. These are the games which do allow players a much greater chance of landing a sizeable cash win, although the win size won't likely match that of games like Mega Moolah or Major Millions.

So what are these games and which ones should you be playing if you want to win any progressive jackpot prize? To answer this we are going to use three key pieces of data for each of Microgaming's progressive jackpot games.

  • Total number of wins recorded
  • Average Win (in pounds)
  • Average Time between wins

So using these three nuggets of information, lets take a look at which Microgaming slots pay out the most often.

Microgaming's 10 most frequently paying progressive games

(All data for this article was correct as of May 28th 2018.)

  • Cash Splash (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 1621
  • Average Win - £25,019
  • Average Time between wins - 1 day and 21 hours

If you want to play a slot regularly that offers you a chance once every couple of days to take home an average prize of over £25,000 then the Cash Splash slot is well worth a closer look. There are two versions of the game, a 3-reel version and a 5-reel video slot but to stand a chance of winning the jackpot on either you must bet the maximum coin on each line and that equates to a 3.00 bet on each spin.

As you can see, this jackpot is won every couple of days on average and has a highest win amount of £134,929, with a lowest win amount of £5,275. This is the game that has seen the progressive jackpot triggered the most of any Microgaming offering with 1,621 documented wins at the time of writing.

  • Mega Moolah's Major Jackpot (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 1551
  • Average Win - £30,224
  • Average Time between wins - 1 day 23 hours

If you want a good reason to play the Mega Moolah slot, then if that multi-million jackpot prize is not reason enough then maybe knowing that the second largest progressive prize on the slot, the Major Jackpot, pays out a lot more frequently and a considerable amount of money.

As you can see, this Mega Moolah progressive prize pays out almost as often as the Cash Splash slot but when it does trigger, it tends to pay out just over £5,000 more. Add this to the fact that while trying to hit this jackpot prize on the 5-reel, 25 pay line Mega Moolah slot, you can still land the Mini, Minor and if you are super-lucky the Mega jackpot, plus the fact that you can get the reels spinning and stand a chance of a jackpot win from just 0.25 a spin, you can see why Mega Moolah is without doubt Microgaming's King of Progressive jackpots.

  • Treasure Nile (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 293
  • Average Win - £90,487
  • Average Time between wins - 10 days, 12 hours

If you want to play a game that offers relatively regular progressive payouts, but for a greater sum of money than the two games at the top of the list then the Treasure Nile slot is certainly one to consider. The slot does cost 4.50 to play each spin, but for that you get a chance of a progressive jackpot roughly once every 10 and a half days and the good news is that the average win on this slot is a much larger £90,487.

However, the biggest ever win on this slot is £360,506 with the smallest win still being a sizeable £42,020, which is more than the average win on the two slots rated higher than Treasure Nile on the list. If you can afford the stake comfortably, then Treasure Nile is a game that is well worth trying out, especially when it has been longer than 10 days or so since the jackpot was last triggered.

  • Lots A Loot (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 292
  • Average Win - £22,456
  • Average Time between wins - 10 days 13 hours

Lots A Loot is another Microgaming progressive slot that actually has two different versions, though to win the progressive jackpot you need to wager the same amount, 2.50, on each spin. The three reel version has five lines in play, while the five reel version has 25 lines in play. In both games you trigger the progressive jackpot by landing the Lots A Loot Wild on the last pay line.

The average win on this slot isn't the biggest Microgaming win with £22,456 still not an amount to be sniffed at and the biggest win is £83,671, while the smallest win is just £2,669, which does indicate just how volatile this game can be when paying out progressive jackpots. They can hit after a while (usually 10 and half days on average) or they can also hit very shortly after the progressive has been reset to its seed amount of £2,500.

  • Wow Pot (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 179
  • Average Win - £13,496
  • Average Time between wins - 17 days

There's a difference of over £50,000 between the smallest ever win on the Wow Pot slot (£1,108) and the largest ever win on the game (£51,109). The average win on this game is £13,496 and there have been 179 recorded triggers of the jackpot being won since the game was released.

The game is won on average every 17 days or so and the size of the jackpots can be very different. There are three and five reel versions of the game and to win the progressive jackpot you need to bet a minimum of $1.50 on either game. Your chances of winning the progressive jackpot, as on all other multi-version Microgaming games, is the same regardless of whether you play the three reel or five reel version.

  • Fruit Fiesta (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 152
  • Average Win - £24,011
  • Average Time between wins - 20 days

There are two different versions of the Fruit Fiesta slot, a three reel and five reel version and you can play either game for a bet of 0.75 and still have a chance of landing the progressive jackpot prize.

This is a slot game that offers a very large difference between the biggest and smallest wins of the slot. Its seed amount is just £800, which is worth remembering should the jackpot be won while you are playing, and the smallest ever win on the slot was just £906, although the biggest ever win was over 100 times larger at £94,845.

On average though you will see this jackpot triggered about once every 20 days and the average win is just over £24,000, a not inconsiderable sum of money for the vast majority of slot players.

  • Jackpot Deuces (video poker)
  • Total Number of Wins - 123
  • Average Win - £33,786
  • Average Time between wins - 25 days

The first of two non-slot progressive games from Microgaming in the top ten of most frequently paying progressive jackpot games is Jackpot Deuces video poker. You win the progressive jackpot on this slot in one way, by betting the maximum number of coins and then making a Royal Flush using the diamond suit of cards.

If you land any other royal flush, spades, hearts or clubs, then you win 4,000 coins. The game seeds at £5,000 and the smallest jackpot ever won is just £5,361, while the largest jackpot is almost sixty times more at £120,857.

On average however, that diamond royal flush is landed on average once every 25 days or so and the average win size is a very appealing £33,786.

  • SupaJax (video poker)
  • Total Number of Wins - 69
  • Average Win - £47,488
  • Average Time between wins - 44 days

The second video poker game in this review comes in eighth spot and is the SupaJax video poker game. In this game, the progressive jackpot is triggered, not by a royal flush, but by the player landing the four jacks in the pack along with the SupaJax card, which effectively is an extra jack.

This isn't the cheapest game to play at 5.00 per hand if you want to play for the progressive jackpot. The seed amount for the game is also £5,000 but the smallest value win is £7,930, while the biggest ever recorded win is £66,395.

The game is won on average every 44 days or so although the size of the jackpot can vary a great deal. On average though, it pays out a very appealing £47,488.

  • Major Millions (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 66
  • Average Win - £469,203
  • Average Time between wins - 46 days

One of Microgaming's most popular slot games comes in ninth place as the 3.00 per spin Major Millions slot (there are three and five reel versions of the game available) is triggered on average once every 46 days for a rather considerable amount of money on average, £469,203.

One thing to note about this slot is that the progressive jackpot prize can (and frequently does) rise well above the average amount and there have been several million plus wins recorded, with the highest ever win falling just short of the £2 million mark (£1,945,884). The smallest ever win is not to be sniffed at either at £252,043 (the seed amount being a healthy £250,000).

This is definitely a game to target when you see that progressive jackpot amount rise above the million-pound mark. There have been a total of 66 progressive jackpot wins on this slot since it was first released.

  • Mega Moolah's Mega Jackpot (slot)
  • Total Number of Wins - 48
  • Average Win - £3,767,219
  • Average Time between wins - 64 days

Last but by no means least on this countdown of the most frequently paid out Microgaming progressive jackpot prizes is the famous Mega jackpot prize. This is THE big one, with a minimum seed amount of £1,000,000 and an average prize that is almost £3.8 million.

In recent times, there have been winners almost every month and this has seen the average time between wins come right down to just 64 days between winners. That means that roughly once every two months since the release of the game, Microgaming have made another player a millionaire in their local currency.

Interestingly, there was no jackpot winners in May 2018, which would be the first month since February 2017 without at least one jackpot winner. View more stats here.

With 48 total wins since its release and a record jackpot win of £13,212,882, the highest ever online progressive jackpot prize awarded (and verified by the Guinness Book of World Records) and even the lowest ever win amounting to £1,013,791, this is the slot that every progressive slot player dreams of winning.

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