Fruit Fiesta Progressive

Fruit Fiesta Progressive

If you are a fan of the traditional style of online slot game, but with the added attraction of a progressive jackpot, then the Fruit Fiesta Progressive slot is certainly one game that you should be adding to your play list.

Originally, Fruit Fiesta was a 3-reel game that offered a progressive jackpot, however as part of a revamp of the software, the brains at Microgaming decided to give one of their more popular 3-reel progressive slots a bit of an upgrade and the result is this sleek, stylish and hugely enjoyable 5x3 reel slot boasting 15 selectable pay lines.

Part of the appeal of the game is its retro-look. This is most obviously encapsulated in the symbols used across the reels, which sees plums, apples, oranges, limes, pineapples and more fruity items that give the slot its name. However there are other instantly recognizable symbols such as the bar (including a triple bar) and bell symbols on the reels too.

When playing Fruit Fiesta, your coin value is set at 0.05 and you can wager a maximum of one coin per line, but you can opt to play as many lines per spin as you like, from one through to all 15.

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14,448.25 02:30 UTC 18/07/2019
24,140.44 (Total)

If you do bet on all 15 pay lines you stand a chance to win the progressive jackpot (exactly why that is, we'll explain in more detail later).

That means you can play from as little as 0.05 per spin, up to the maximum bet which is just 0.75 per spin, which means that this is a fantastic choice of progressive slot for the smaller stakes player. This is a real bonus as often, progressive games can be very expensive to play for micro-stakes punters given the usual minimum bet size rules that apply.

In addition to the retro-style symbols across the reels, there are two additional other symbols that players need to be aware of when they play Fruit Fiesta. The first is the Scatter symbol, which is simply the word Scatter laying on top of what looks like either a elegantly sliced melon or a fruit salad.

The Scatter works in Fruit Fiesta by appearing anywhere on the reels and if you land three or more Scatter symbols anywhere across the reels (they don't have to be consecutively from the first reel in order to trigger a win), you'll receive a payout.

If you land three Scatters you win four times your wager, four scatters wins you 40 times your wager while five Scatters on a pay line will win you a massive 400 times your wager.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for a free spins round or another type of bonus game that is triggered with the Scatter symbols, as is regularly available on other slots, Fruit Fiesta doesn't have this option. That's not necessarily a bad thing however as it does mean that all the big money wins are available when you are playing in the base game in every spin and you are not waiting for the free spins or bonus rounds in order to try and win big.

The second other symbol a player needs to be aware of in the game is the Fruit Fiesta Wild symbol. Which is the legend Fruit Fiesta over a juicy selection of ripe fruits. The wild symbol substitutes for any symbol across the reels bar the Scatter symbol.

The base game wins range from 2 credits for landing 2 bells on the first two reels on a winning pay line, up to a maximum base game win of 9,000 credits for landing five of the Fruit Fiesta Wild symbols across any of the first 14 pay lines.

The reason that you don't win the base game jackpot of 9,000 credits on the 15th pay line is because if you land all five of the Fruit Fiesta Wilds in each of the five positions for the 15th pay line, you trigger the progressive jackpot. You can see the current progressive jackpot at the top of the screen while you play the game and it will increase in size with every spin of the game in any casino in which the game is offered.

Landing the progressive will see you win the full amount of the progressive jackpot and reset the jackpot back to its initial seeding level where it will once again start to grow as players play the game.

It's fair to say that Fruit Fiesta isn't a slot that pushes the boundaries of 21st century gaming, it doesn't have animations and digital soundtrack, bonus game features, free spins or any of the myriad of additional features that come to make up a modern slot game. However, what it does offer is a fantastic retro-style slot that fans of the genre will love, allied with a tempting progressive jackpot that is cheap enough for all players to have a stab at winning.