Poker Ride Progressive

Poker Ride Progressive

One of the best things about modern casino game developers is that they can often take a game that has been played for many years in casinos and perhaps in danger of becoming a little too familiar and give it a twist to freshen it up. In doing so they provide customers with a new way to play the game that is different but equally as exciting as the original.

This is precisely what Microgaming have achieved with their Poker Ride Video Poker progressive game.

As you will know, most variants of Video Poker see the player dealt a hand of five cards to make a poker hand. The player can then choose to discard any or all of their cards and be dealt replacement ones from the pack. If the player then achieves a hand that is a prize winner, then the player receives the payout. If not the cards are reshuffled and a new game begins.

This is the way that most video poker games pan out, with the player making an initial wager and then earning a prize based on a factor of that initial bet, depending on the strength of their hand.

Jackpot Graph for Poker Ride Progressive
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Recent Jackpots Won on Poker Ride Progressive
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Amount Won Time Date
19,940.00 23:30 UTC 14/07/2019
20,657.57 16:30 UTC 12/06/2019
20,447.63 02:00 UTC 25/04/2019
61,045.20 (Total)

However, in Poker Ride, things are slightly different. In this game the player places their Ante bet down which can be as little as 0.50 per game up to a maximum bet of 100. A standard deck of 52 cards is then shuffled by the computer and the player is then dealt a hand which consists of three cards face up, with a further two cards above them dealt face down.

It is important to note that there are no Wild Cards in this game at all, all cards are face value alone.

After you have seen your three cards in your hand, you then have a choice of how to proceed. You can either 'call’ in which case you will see the first face down card at no additional cost, or you can 'raise’ in which case you need to place a bet equal to your ante bet into the pot before you see the first face down card.

The reason for the option is that if a player has a strong hand, he can increase the size of their bet by 'raising’, thus if the player wins, they can then earn more by doing so as their unit stake has been increased.

After the first face down card is shown the player now reviews their hand of four cards. They can then opt to either call, at no additional cost, or raise (at a cost of another ante bet) before they see the second face down card and complete their poker hand.

Once all five cards are shown face up, the players hand is then compared with the qualifying hands on the paytable (which starts at a pair of 10s). If the player has achieved a winning hand, then they are paid out based on the strength of their poker hand. The Payout table is as follows:

  • Pair of Tens or Better - Even Money
  • Two Pairs - 2/1
  • Three of a Kind - 3/1
  • Straight - 5/1
  • Flush - 8/1
  • Full House - 11/1
  • Four of a Kind - 50/1
  • Straight Flush - 200/1
  • Royal Flush - 1000/1

So for example, if a player has placed an ante bet of 1 credit, then raised that bet twice to 3 credits and then at the end of the hand has achieved a straight. Then they would be paid out at odds of 5/1, which would be a return of 15.00 in winnings, plus the 3 credits back for a total win of 18.00 credits.

However, if a player had bet 1 credit as the ante and then simply called twice and achieved a straight, then they would still be paid out at odds of 5/1, however they only have 1 credit in the pot, so they would only receive back 5.00 in winnings plus their 1.00 stake, for a total return of 6.00 credits.

This is essentially how the game works at its simplest level, however Poker Ride is made immeasurably more appealing by the addition of a progressive jackpot.

To stand a chance of winning the progressive a player has the option to place a 1 credit side bet at the start of each hand. Doing so means you qualify for the progressive jackpot prize if you are lucky enough to trigger it.

The way you can win the progressive is by landing a Royal Flush in your hand. This not only pays you out at 1000/1 but if you placed your progressive jackpot side bet, you’ll also win the progressive fund in full.

However, if you don’t quite manage to win the full progressive with a Royal Flush, but hit a straight flush instead, you receive a payout of 200/1 plus you earn an additional cash prize of 10% of whatever the progressive jackpot fund was at the time you hit it.

Given that the progressive prize can run into 100,000 and well beyond, this is a considerable win in its own right.

Poker Ride takes Video Poker and gives it a little twist which gives poker fans a new way to play this popular version. Add to that a mighty progressive jackpot to be won and you have all the ingredients for a top quality progressive poker variant.