Triple Sevens Progressive

Triple Sevens Progressive

Some games don't lend themselves easily to the progressive genre and despite its huge popularity in casinos, blackjack is a game that certainly falls into that criteria.

All credit then must go to Microgaming for developing Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack, a game which not only retains all the features that makes blackjack such a popular casino game, but which also boasts a fantastic progressive jackpot feature.

Let's begin by explaining how Microgaming have turned the game of blackjack from a staple casino game, into an exciting progressive. The change is subtle and simple, but does add immensely to the enjoyment of the game.

The first thing to note is the wager. Unlike some games where you can wager a smaller amount on a hand but you won't qualify for the progressive jackpot if triggered, with Triple Sevens, you will always have a chance of winning the progressive. Hands are plated with a wager of 2.00 per turn with a 1.00 side-bet contribution to the progressive fund. That means you have 3.00 on the table each hand.

Jackpot Graph for Triple Sevens Progressive
This line graph displays the daily total jackpot values.
Recent Jackpots Won on Triple Sevens Progressive
This table shows the total jackpots won over a day - it does not necessarily reflect a single jackpot amount as on certain games there can be multiple jackpots won during a 24 hour period.
Amount Won Time Date
127,813.02 20:30 UTC 03/07/2018
94,052.83 21:30 UTC 29/08/2016
221,865.85 (Total)

That won't be a huge amount to serious blackjack players, nor for those who play progressive slots or progressive video poker and in terms of how much you could win back from the game, it represents a good value money bet.

Triple Seven's Blackjack is played with five decks of cards which are 'shuffled' on every hand by the software. This means that it is possible for you to receive two or more of the same card in a hand (and indeed, in order to land the progressive jackpot, that is precisely what you need to do).

Once the game is in progress and you have made your 3.00 bets, you can then click the deal button to receive your two cards. Once you have reached this point, the general rules of blackjack are applied namely that:

  • The dealer must stand on all hands of 17 or better
  • A player can double down on hands totaling 9, 10 or 11
  • A player can split cards once to make two separate hands
  • You cannot double down after splitting
  • A player can re-hit aces that have been split

Now, in traditional blackjack, a player will then play through the hand and if they better the dealer hand. They will be paid out at even money (or at odds of 3/2 if they land blackjack) and this is precisely what happens in this variant of the game too.

The progressive element comes in however when a player is dealt a seven card. Being dealt these cards at specific times in the hand can trigger additional payouts on top of your usual wins for beating the dealer's hand.

These payouts are as follows:

  • If your first card is any seven, you automatically win 5.00
  • If both the cards you are dealt when you start the game are sevens of any suit, then you automatically win 25.00
  • If both the cards you are dealt when you start the game are sevens of the same suit, then your win is doubled to 50.00
  • If your first three cards are all sevens of any suit, then you win 250
  • If your first three cards are all sevens of the same suit (either clubs, spades or hearts) then you win 1,000.
  • The progressive jackpot is triggered when your first three cards of a hand are all the seven of diamonds (Triple Sevens – hence the name). When you are dealt this, then you trigger the progressive jackpot.

One thing that keen blackjack players will note at this point is that when you receive a hand in a typical game of blackjack and are dealt a pair of sevens with your first two cards, you can elect to split the hands.

Of course, in this version of the game, doing so is counter-productive as two sevens will automatically win you either 25.00 if they are unsuited or 50.00 if they are suited, with the chance to increase that win to 250 1000 or even the progressive jackpot if you manage to draw another seven to complete your hand.

As such, while you can split with any pair, it is not advisable to do so in this game as this strategy would likely end up costing you money. It is always best to remember the adage, “Always Hit, Never Split” when it comes to landing a pair of sevens in Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack.

Playing Triple Sevens is a hugely enjoyable experience with simple, clear graphics that are bright and colourful and the game plays smoothly on a wide range of machines. The game-play is very easy to understand and even total beginners can be up and playing for big money in a matter of seconds.

Triple Sevens is a rare blackjack progressive that works exceptionally well and offers fans of this popular casino game a taste of the progressive jackpot fever that has gripped predominantly slot games and that is no bad thing at all.