Roulette Royale Progressive

Roulette Royale Progressive

Perhaps the most iconic and recognisable casino games of all time, roulette is without doubt one of the games most popular with both online and real world casino patrons.

Microgaming have taken the simple yet enticing allure of the game and added a further level of excitement thanks to the addition of a progressive jackpot feature in its Roulette Royale game.

The basics of the game are that this is a typical European Roulette-based game with 37 slots available on the wheel, one green zero slot and 36 other slots, half red, half black.

What is particularly evident about this game is how appealing the graphics are on the eye. You can see the roulette wheel in the top left corner of the screen and the layout where you place your bets is also clearly and brightly displayed in front of you. What is equally impressive is how smooth and realistic the animations are, with the ball bouncing around the wheel before coming to rest in the slot.

Jackpot Graph for Roulette Royale Progressive
This line graph displays the daily total jackpot values.

The authentic nature of the graphics and animations certainly give the game a more credible real world look and this in turn enhances the experience for the player.

The layout is a standard layout that you would see on any European Roulette table, with just one notable difference. That is at the bottom of the table underneath the even money outside bets, is another box which is for the Jackpot Side Bet and it is here that you place a wager if you wish to stand a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

In addition, you can clearly see on screen what the current progressive jackpot is, together with what you would stand to win if you place a side bet on the progressive jackpot.

What is also impressive about this version of roulette is that it is simple enough for even the roulette novice to play, but more experienced and knowledgeable roulette players can access other features in the game such as Red and Black Splits and Zero Game, which will certainly add appeal to players who prefer this form of betting.

The game works in the usual roulette style. Players place their choice of bet on the layout and when the minimum bet level is reached in the game, the player can then spin the roulette wheel and where the ball lands will dictate which, if any, of their bets have been successful. Winning bets are then paid out, lost bets collected and the next game starts with players placing bets once again.

The action can be fast, frantic but always great fun at the roulette table and Roulette Royal captures this well. You can place any of the popular outer bets (red or black, odd or even, high or low) or column bets for example, as well as placing any number of inside bets including single number bets, street bets and the like.

In terms of a standard roulette game, Roulette Royale works very well indeed, and with it being the single zero European version, rather than the single and double zero American game, it offers the player a better house edge too.

However what really marks out Roulette Royale from its competitors is the addition of the progressive jackpot and how it is triggered in the game.

In order to win the progressive jackpot, you need to place a Jackpot Side bet on the spin. The wheel is then spun as per normal and the result recorded.

The progressive jackpot is triggered when a player records a single number coming up five times in succession on the wheel and the player having placed a side bet on the outcome. Of course, a single number coming up five times in succession is a rare event, so this does mean that the progressive jackpot on Roulette Royale can increase to very high numbers, often into six figure sums.

However, the good news is that you still stand a chance of winning some money back on your Jackpot side bet. If you play and any number comes up, twice, three times or four times in a row, then you would win a stated sum of credits for this occurrence.

A number appearing twice in a row would win 15 credits for your jackpot side bet of 1 credit, if it appears three times in a row, it would win 200 credits for your bet and if you land four in a row that would see you earn a healthy 3000 credits.

What this means is that your progressive jackpot bet can pay out on smaller bets too, which is obviously a real bonus as it means you are not hoping on a hugely rare occurrence in order for the bet to pay off.

Roulette Royale is a simple, enjoyable and beautifully realised version of progressive roulette that offers players a fantastic gaming experience regardless of whether they are chasing the progressive jackpot or not. As a standalone roulette game, it is superb and the addition of a progressive jackpot just makes Roulette Royale all the more appealing.