Supa Jax Progressive

Supa Jax Progressive

Supa Jax is a progressive video poker game that takes the usual variant of video poker played in casinos and gives it a little twist and adds some interesting features. The result is a game that is not just a great video poker game, but also different enough to other forms of the game to make it appealing in its own right.

The Supa Jax Poker progressive starts at a seeding fund of 10,000 and over time can increase considerably beyond that with the highest every progressive win reported to be around 92,000. What this means is that the Supa Jax Progressive does pay out relatively frequently, which can only be a good thing for progressive jackpot hunters.

The game itself is played in the same way as all video poker titles play out. You start the game by picking your stake size which can range from 1.00 up to 5.00 in increments of 1.00. Be careful what you play for however as unless you play the maximum bet of 5.00 per hand, you will not be eligible to win the progressive jackpot.

Once you've selected your stake, hit the deal button and you'll receive your first five cards. Now you can select which of the five cards you want to hold to create the best possible poker hand. The cards you want to keep can he held, while those you want to get rid of are discarded.

Jackpot Graph for Supa Jax Progressive
This line graph displays the daily total jackpot values.
Recent Jackpots Won on Supa Jax Progressive
This table shows the total jackpots won over a day - it does not necessarily reflect a single jackpot amount as on certain games there can be multiple jackpots won during a 24 hour period.
Amount Won Time Date
55,467.01 14:00 UTC 01/09/2019
56,339.60 11:00 UTC 29/06/2019
55,868.45 11:00 UTC 23/04/2019
167,675.06 (Total)

Then when you have made your selections, click the deal button again and the cards you discard will be replaced with fresh cards from the pack. Your hand is then analysed and if you have managed to achieve a winning hand, you are paid out at the rate indicated on the pay table for the strength of the poker hand you have achieved. If you do not achieve the minimum hand, you lose the bet. Once completed, the game then begins again with you making a fresh wager.

That's pretty much how almost all versions of Video Poker play out and the game-play seldom differs from one game to the next, but there are a couple of variations within the Supa Jax progressive that you do need to know about.

First up is that your traditional 52-card deck used for the game is actually a 53-card deck in Supa Jax thanks to the addition of the Supa-Jax card to the pack. This card is important as its value is only evident when it comes to landing the progressive jackpot.

The second thing to note about Supa Jax is that when you win some money, you can gamble that win in the hope of doubling your money through the gamble feature. Here, the dealer will draw a card from the pack and you have to select one from four cards in order to beat the dealer's card. Do so successfully and you'll double your money.

Finally, the other quirk in the game is that the Royal Flush is not the top ranked poker hand in the game. Instead, a hand consisting of each of the four jacks of each suit, plus the Supa Jax additional card is regarded as the highest in the game. Landing this combination of cards, when you have made the maximum in game bet of 5.00 coins, is the only way to trigger the progressive jackpot.

Speaking of payouts, it's important to note how much you'll be paid for each win. As with all games the payout table is scaled so that you will generally win five times more if you wager the maximum amount of five coins, as opposed to the minimum amount of one.

The maximum win if you wager the minimum one coin is 250 for a Royal Flush, however with a 5 coin bet, that increases to 3,000 (the only payout that isn't five times the size of the minimum bet). Payouts begin with hands of a pair of jacks or better (which will see you earn your stake money back) and progress right up to a Royal Flush and beyond that, the Supa Jax hand of 4 jacks and the Supa Jax card.