Lots A Loot Progressive

Lots A Loot Progressive

If you are looking for a progressive slot that offers you the chance to win the big jackpot on every spin, then you need to take a look at the updated Lots A Loot Progressive.

Lots A Loot Progressive game is an updated version of an older 3-reel slot and the upgrade has certainly helped bring this popular slot into the 21st century.

The basics of the slot are that it is a 5-reel game with 25-paylines in operation and a fixed coin size of 0.10. This means that on every spin you will be wagering the same amount as every other player that has played the slot; 2.50. What this also means is that on every spin of the reels, you have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

That is different to some other progressives where you can opt to bet smaller value coins or fewer paylines on the spin, but which then precludes you from having a chance of winning the big progressive jackpot. This is somewhat counter-productive given that the big progressive jackpot is probably the reason you played the slot in the first place.

Jackpot Graph for Lots A Loot Progressive
This line graph displays the daily total jackpot values.
Recent Jackpots Won on Lots A Loot Progressive
This table shows the total jackpots won over a day - it does not necessarily reflect a single jackpot amount as on certain games there can be multiple jackpots won during a 24 hour period.
Amount Won Time Date
37,539.36 02:00 UTC 08/07/2019
23,440.66 04:30 UTC 02/06/2019
4,209.72 20:00 UTC 24/05/2019
65,189.74 (Total)

The good news with Lots a Loot is that you don't encounter this issue. Your spins cost a flat 2.50 per turn and while this may be a tad expensive for micro stakes gamers, or those who prefer to play for smaller wagers, for the mid level to higher level player, these stakes are more than acceptable.

Once you have understood how much you are going to pay for your spins, the next thing to focus on is the game itself.

The good news is that Lots A Loot is a bright, cheerful and very easy slot to play. Indeed, this is a slot that does hark back to simpler times when bonus games and free spins were not so readily available.

The symbols on the reel include all the usual playing card low symbols, plus a number of high symbols all based on the theme of good fortune and wealth, such as a four leaf clover and a large pot of gold. Landing combinations of higher symbols across the reels, as opposed to lower symbols pays out more per win comparatively.

Older slots players will also welcome the return of a couple of symbols from yesteryear, including the famous bar symbol and the triple sevens, both of which are high symbols in the game.

The animations are smooth, even on mobile devices and the game pays out relatively frequently for a progressive game, which helps the user maintain an interest in the slot.

Part of the reason that the slot does pay out relatively frequently is the judicious use of Wilds across the reels. The Wild symbol is the Lots A Loot logo, which is decoratively coloured in the style of a rainbow, so it is difficult to miss when it hits on the screen.

This symbol substitutes for any other symbol on the reel to create a winning payline, other than when you trigger the progressive jackpot (more on that later).

By landing more than one Wild across the reels you significantly increase your chances of landing a bigger win on the Lots A Loot slot and indeed, if you land the five Wilds on any of 24 single paylines, then you could win the biggest in game non-progressive jackpot of 10,000 coins.

The great news is that every time you land a Wild symbol on a winning payline, the amount you receive for the payout is doubled.

In essence, that is all there is to the Lots a Loot slot. It is a very simple slot to play that is easy to understand, only one key snippet of information is missing and that is how to trigger that big progressive jackpot win.

The good news with Lots a Loot is that you don't have to trigger any number of bonus features or free spins in order to land yourself a chance at the big prize. You could win the progressive jackpot on any spin of the reel, which lends a great deal of excitement and anticipation to every spin.

To land the progressive jackpot you need to land the five Lots a Loot symbols across the reels, but in the 25th Payline positions, which is the bottom of the first reel, top of the second, bottom of the third, top of the fourth and bottom position of the fifth reel in an M-formation.

If you achieve this then alarm bells will sound and you will trigger the Lots A Loot Progressive jackpot, winning the number that has slowly been building across the top of the screen while you have been playing the slot.

Lots a Loot is a fun, fast and enjoyable slot to play that offers users a chance to win the big progressive jackpot on every spin. It may lack some of the features of more modern slot games, but its great appeal isn't diminished by that.