Wow Pot Progressive

Wow Pot Progressive

The WOW Pot Progressive slot is somewhat unusual as it is not just one slot, but actually two.

The two slots are quite different other than sharing the same name and sharing the same progressive fund, so let's take a look at each one in turn.

If you are a fan of simple, old-fashioned, no-nonsense style slot gaming but love the idea of playing for a progressive jackpot, then without doubt the 3-reel version of WOW Pot Progressive is the slot for you to start with.

This is a very simple 3-reel, one payline slot where players can bet one, two or three coins to the value of 0.50, therefore the maximum bet on this slot is 1.50. You do have to place the maximum bet in order to give yourself a chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Graph for Wow Pot Progressive
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Recent Jackpots Won on Wow Pot Progressive
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Amount Won Time Date
11,568.23 00:00 UTC 23/07/2019
13,777.32 22:30 UTC 30/05/2019
7,716.08 14:00 UTC 20/01/2019
33,061.63 (Total)

The symbols on the 3-reel game hark back to the glory days of slot gaming with bar symbols, seven symbols and the cherry predominantly across the reels. There are several different bar and seven symbols on the reels which ups the variability of the slot.

If you land three of the striped sevens on the single payline then you can win the base game's biggest prize of 1,000 credits, however it is the in game Wild symbol, the WOW logo, which is the key to unlocking the progressive jackpot.

Land one Wild symbol and you receive 5.00, two on a line guarantees you 10.00 and if you land all of the three WOW symbols on the single payline, you will trigger the progressive jackpot itself.

That's not all though as if you land two WOW wilds on the reels along with the striped seven symbol, they will substitute for the other striped seven symbols and give you a nice win of 2,000 coins.

The 3-reel version is a very simple slot to enjoy and it does seem that the progressive could be won relatively often and easily on this slot, but that is something of a misrepresentation as you can win the progressive just as often playing the other version of the game, which boasts an extra couple of reels and entirely different game-play.

The second WOW Pot progressive slot is a 5x3 reel game which boasts 15 paylines and a fixed coin size of 0.10 per line. In order to win the progressive, you need to play all 15 lines for a 1.50 maximum bet.

The eagle eyed will have noted that this is the same maximum bet as the 3-reel version of the slot, so there's no benefit to playing one slot over the other in terms of cost.

Another key difference about the slot more than simply its structure is in the types of symbols on the reel. This slot also harks back to the early days of slot gaming with it having many of the traditional fruit symbols across the reels including melons, cherries, lemons, oranges and plumbs. There is also a bell symbol which harks back to the very first slot (called the Liberty Bell).

Obviously with two extra reels and different symbols, the 5-reel version of WOW Pot looks differently but the play is essentially the same, only that there are more paylines that offer you the chance of a payout.

Another key difference comes in how much you can win the base game. Other than the progressive jackpot (which is the same for both games), on the 5-reel version of WOW Pot, you can win up to 5,000 coins in the base game, which is considerably more than the 3-reel version.

Once again, the key to unlocking the progressive jackpot on the 5-reel version of WOW Pot is the WOW Pot Wild symbol. This symbol substitutes for other symbols on reels to create winning paylines wherever it lands and when you land a wild completed payline, you'll win 2x the usual payout.

However, if you are lucky enough to land all five of the Wild Symbols on the 15th payline of the slot, then you will win the big progressive prize.

It's fair to say that it sounds easier to land the progressive playing the 3-reel version of the game, but the mathematical processes that govern the slots actually means that your chances of landing the progressive are roughly equal regardless of which of the versions of WOW Pot you play.

WOW Pot progressive slot is a good example of a slot that appeals to many different types of slot players, from those who prefer a simpler, one payline game, to players who want a more complicated 15 payline offering. It's bright, cheerful, and fun to play and offers slot players a choice of how they want to try and win that big progressive payout.